Karte des Rheiderlands um 1715
map of the Rheiderlands around 1715
Blick vom Deich
view of the dyke
the Rheiderland is a region in Germany and the Netherlands between Ems and Dollart. The German part of the Rheiderlandes is appropriate for the Ems in East Frisia, west. The Netherlands part (written: Reiderland) lies in the Netherlands province Groningen. The Rheiderland is beside the Overledingerland, the Moormerland and the Lengenerland one of the four historical landscapes of the district empty.

The Rheiderland consists to a large extent of march landscapes (Polder) and is just as flat as the remaining part of East Frisia, however there is still less tree planting. Thus a view up to the horizon results. (“The Rheiderland is flatter than flat and further than far”).

The northern part of the Rheiderlandes was recovered by several Eindeichungen by the Dollart and is therefore very fruitful. The farmers were in former times wealthy (“pole the princes “), which reflects itself until today in the magnificent yards. In the south of the Rheiderlandes there are also moorland surfaces, Ausläufer of the Bourtanger of moorland.

Admits is the region also by its large number of important church organs, which were bought by the municipalities centuries ago and until today are received. The meaning is the Arp Schnitger organ in the George church in Weener.

Prevailing is the Evangelist-reformed church. In some places there are also Evangelical-Lutheran church municipalities. Minorities are age-formed and freechurch municipalities, catholics hardly give it.

Common the ostfriesische flat German is far (and/or. the Rheiderländer flat, a particularly hard expressed kind of the ostfriesischen flat). Most humans in the German part speak Ostfriesi flat in the everyday life - however naturally speak also all high German; it is a region, in which most grow up in two languages.

Industry hardly gives it. The largest place is the city Weener. The Rheiderland was to into the 1920er years independent district, belonged since then to the district empty. Administratively the Rheiderland is into the municipalities Weener, federation and Jemgum as well as the local part Bingum of the city empty divided. On Netherlands side the municipality Reiderland , the northern part of the municipality Bellingwedde , the eastern part of the municipality Scheemda as well as the municipality Winschoten belong to the Rheiderland.

Despite nearly the missing industry and the low population density the Rheiderland is a center of the social-democracy.

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