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one of the last expenditures that computer centre as Mittagszeitug
the Rheiderland newspaper (computer centre) is a steeped in tradition and independent small daily paper, which appears since 1860 in Weener. Their circulation area is the ostfriesische Rheiderland. It is published by the small publishing house H.Risius kg. Beside the Ostfriesi messages in Aurich those is computer centre the last independent daily paper of East Frisia.

Still to in 21. Century inside appeared the sheet under the title borderland newspaper “Rheiderland”. Up to 31. May 2005 was the Rheiderland newspaper one of the last midday newspapers of Germany. Since that 1. June 2005 appears it as morning paper. The computer centre has an edition of approximately 6000. The most subscribers and reader of the Rheiderland newspaper live in the Rheiderland, here are them also the usually read sheet and stand in competition to the Ostfriesen newspaper appearing in completely East Frisia.

recent developments

the recent drastic changes with the small newspaper are the result of conflicts on the ostfriesischen newspaper market. Long time were equipped almost all ostfriesischen sheets with the supraregional coat sides of the old citizens northwest newspaper (NWZ), which was thereby quasi-monopolist. In the course of restructuring and savings with the NWZ and with of the NWZ dominated Ostfriesen newspapers (OZ), the small newspapers received like the computer centre first to coat sides, which were identical to those the OZ.

However the OZ went back its reporting in the Rheiderland in the year 2004 in the course of these savings on a minimum. There no competitive situation saw the old citizens NWZ to “their” OZ, since the independent computer centre was both customer for coat sides and co-operation partners. In the past the NWZ was however anxious to take over the entire ostfriesische newspaper landscape what you were successful also in far parts.

Thus there were it obviously also with that computer centre efforts of the NWZ to transfer with the independent sheet to Weener the majority or to the group of newspapers East Frisia ( Ostfriesen newspaper, general indicator, different Anzeigenbätter), dominated by it, to urge. The computer centre reacted to it with the surprising step, the contracts with the NWZ as a supplier of the coat sides and as co-operation partner to the next possible date to well-informed and in this connection to the second large newspaper of the region, the new Osnabrücker newspaper (NOZ), to change.

The reaction of the NWZ and OZ to this sudden and unexpected competitive situation in the Rheiderland was to take up and in the spring 2005 even its own small OZ-Aussenredaktion to Weener create the reporting from the Rheiderland again strengthened, although in another place in the year before a Aussenredakion was saved.

The Rheiderland newspaper, which had appeared traditional to date as midday newspaper, floated thereupon its change of the coat sides in front and carried out this in March 2005. In June the newspaper became finally also still another morning paper and manufactured thereby the “weapon equality” in the reference to the topicality of the messages. Further the newspaper appears now even in the larger Rheini format and continuous four-colored.

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