Rhine Pfalz circle

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Wappen des Rhein-Pfalz-Kreises Lage des Rhein-Pfalz-Kreises in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
administrative seat: Ludwigshafen on the Rhine
surface: 304.88 km ²
inhabitants: 148.860 (31. October 2005)
Population density: 488 inhabitants for each km ²
circle keys: 07 3 38
Kfz characteristics: RP (up to 31. August2005: LU)
Circle arrangement: 25 municipalities
of the district administration:
European place 5
67063 Ludwigshafen on the Rhine
Website: www.rhein-pfalz-kreis.de
E-Mail address:
land advice: Werner Schröter (SPD)
Lage des Rhein-Pfalz-Kreises in Rheinland-Pfalz

the Rhine Pfalz circle (to 31. December 2003 “district Ludwigshafen”) lies in the east of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The neighbours are (in the clockwise direction) the circle-free city Worms, the circle mountain route, the cities Frankenthal (Pfalz), Ludwigshafen at the Rhine and Mannheim, the Rhine-Neckar-region, the city Speyer, as well as the circles Karlsruhe, Germersheim, southern crying race and bath Dürkheim.

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the Rhine Pfalz circle lies in the Rhine ditch (lowlandses of the Upper Rhine). The warm climate and that outstanding suitable soil form best conditions for the vegetable growing. With dryness - which amounts to average yearly precipitation usually not even 500 mm - the fields are watered.


1886 became the office for district Ludwigshafenbased. This establishment act was one of the last official acts of the Bavarian king Ludwig II.. Since the population had strongly increased approximately around Speyer, a division of the past office for district had become necessary Speyer. Out of the office for district Ludwigshafen went later the of the same nameDistrict out, which 1969 were increased around the dissolved district Speyer as well as parts of the likewise dissolved district Frankenthal.

To 19. May 2003 decided the Kreistag to rename the circle in “Rhine Pfalz circle”. To 27. August 2003 became the change of name of the MainzerMinistry of the Interior approves. The appropriate document took land advice Werner Schröter to 28. October 2003 in nut/mother city from the hands by Minister of the Interior Walter Zuber against. To 18. August 2005 was finally approved also the change of the KfZ characteristic. Since that 1. September 2005carry logged on again vehicles the characteristic RP instead of the past LU.

circle partnerships

1964 with Schnals and Naturns in South Tyrol, Italy. The circle Speyer brought the partnerships with Schlanders and Martelltal, likewise in South Tyrol,also.
1983 with Kinyami, Rwanda
after the reunification developed with the hall circle in Saxonia-Anhalt a partnership
1991 with Radviliškis in Lithuania
2002 with the circle Opole in Poland.


(Choice to 13. June 2004)

CDU 42.5% (- 2.6) - of 20 seats (- 1)
SPD 26.9% (- 8.3) - 12 seats (- 4)
WGR 11.7% (+5,3) - 5 seats (the +2)
GREENS 8.1% (+2,8) - 4 seats (+1)
FDP 6.0% (+1,5) - 3 seats (+1)
REP 4.9% (+1,4)- 2 seats (=)

coat of arms


district administration office

in diagonally left by a silver wave bar divided sign right above in black a golden, red more reinforced, to the left walking lion, left down inBlue a silver floating cross, presented a red Herzschild with two golden sea-rose sheets actually twice crossing Stängeln. (Coats of arms to 18. January 1971 approves, to 28. October 1977 coloured changes).


the lion stands for the kurpfälzischen areas of the circleand the cross stands for the areas of the former prince diocese Speyer. The sea-rose sheets symbolize the Auenlandschaft south of Ludwigshafen, the wave bar the Rhine, which gives its new name to the district.

the federal motorways lead traffic by the circle area A 6 Saarbruecken - Mannheim, A 61 Speyer - Koblenz, A 65 Karlsruhe - Ludwigshafen and A 650 bath Dürkheim - Ludwigshafen. Furthermore several federal highways and circle roads pull the circle area through, under it B 9 Wörth on the Rhine - Ludwigshafen.

cities and municipalities

(inhabitants to 30. June 2005)< /br>


Federation-free municipalities/cities

convention communities with their member municipalities

Seat of the convention community *
  1. THEN city shower home * (7.116)
  2. high village eating home (3.084)
  3. Rödersheim Gronau (2.921)
  1. Duden yards * (5.792)
  2. Hanhofen (2.349)
  3. hard living (3.020)
  1. leg the home (2.897)
  2. Large never the home (1.414)
  3. Hessheim * (3.050)
  4. Heuchelheim with Frankenthal (1.230)
  5. small never the home (895)
  1. Birkenheide (3.242)
  2. Fussgönheim (2.451)
  3. max village * (6.947)
  1. Otterstadt (3.272)
  2. forest lake * (5.351)

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