Rhine-Frankish Rhine Frankish a recapitulatory name for the following Frankish groups of dialects in the westCentral German:

from northern and west bordering Moselfränki are them throughthose sank Goarer line or “dat/those line” separately, which from volume blade the Saar over Bad Kreuznach, sank Goar and Limburg runs after Dillenburg. In the north the dialect area is enough to to the Benrather line ( “maken/make” - line), running north of Kassel, and thus to the Niederdeut linguistic areanear. By the southFrankish, alemannischen and eastFrankish dialects in the south and the east it becomes by the Speyerer line, Main line or “appel/apple line” (about white castle - Wörth on the Rhine - Speyer - Sinsheim - Eberbach - Mudau - value home).

See also: Rhine Franconia, Central German, Hessian dialect, Frankish language, Rhine country, Rheini fan, Moselfränkisch

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