Rheini mission company

the Rheini mission company is 1799 a created combination of Evangelist Christians, a whose goal is the Missionierung.

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the mission association Elberfeld, also well-known as Barmer mission, was created of reformed and lutherischen ministers in Elberfeld 1799. This was at the beginning of its that the largest German mission company should become later. English and Dutch mission companies were closely connected with it, which led to the fact that except South Africa and Namibia later also Dutch and English protected areas, how today's Indonesia was missioniert. In addition the islands Borneo , Sumatra, Nias, Mentawei and Enggano, Hong Kong and Papua counted Ginea again.

The bad climate and the tropical diseases, particularly malaria, caused that many mission acres were shifted after long activity in Netherlands India into mild climate zones, particularly also into the south of Brazil where German settlements strengthen foot had seized. As example minister serves Julius Sporket, which spent ten years on Nias, and which worked then up to its dying in Brazil with its family. Others again to America were sent, where one wanted to missionieren the Indians, what however only a small success brought.


1818 took place establishment auxiliary association of the Basler mission in Barmen. The line had Hilfsprediger William Leipoldt. The Barmer mission school served the preparatory school for further training in Basel. The development of the mission school to a school with its own seminar began 1825. Finally 1828 the union of the mission associations from Elberfeld, Barmen and Cologne to the Rheini mission took place. The Rheini mission company became later also than Barmer mission admits, since it had its seat in Barmen. In the same year the first mission acres were sent to South Africa. There was a good co-operation with the there mission stations of the Londoner mission.

Missionierung in South Africa

the establishment of the first station of the Rheini mission company in South Africa dates on the year 1829. It carried the names station Wupperthal. When the mission withdrew itself later from South Africa, it was transferred later to the gentleman Mr. mission and to the today's Moravian Church. The Rheini mission spread its activity into the vacant area north to the cape colony. 1884 were placed the colony “German to southwest Africa”, developed from the work of the Rheini mission, under German “protectorate”.


the island Nias enters difficulties of the Missionar Eduard Fries, a member of the Rheini mission in the year 1904, where it will spend 16 years.

From 1904 to 1907 the rebellion of the Herero and Nama , a war raged against the German Kononialherrschaft in South Africa and Namibia. The mission acres tried desperately to prevent between the Hereros and Damaras, which were displaced by the Namas originating from cape, to mediate around a Genozid what did not succeed always. Later the Rheini mission from South Africa withdrew itself. The rheinischen mission municipalities were integrated into the Netherlands-reformed church. The exception is the station Wupperthal, which was handed over to 1965 to the Moravian Church. The year 1918 was coined/shaped by the loss of the German colonies. Nevertheless the missionary work continued in Namibia.

work in the Nazi period

between 1933 to 1945 brought the so-called third realm larger problems for the Rheini mission. It had dissociated itself from the movement of the German Christians and an integration into the realm church had rejected. Instead a connection to the admitting church developed. Also the work was already before beginning 2. World war very much obstructed. The world war and the collapse in Germany brought fundamental problems with itself.


1971 took place the union of the Rheini mission with the Bethel mission to the united Evangelist mission, which became 1996 an international church community with 34 churches from Africa, Asia and Germany the united Evangelist mission (VEM).


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