Rhine circle

Rhine circle is a political name for those linksrheinischen areas, those the Kingdom of Bavaria after the victory of allied powers over Napoleon by the result of the Viennese of congress and/or. by transfer of Austria to the kingdom 1816 awarded got Bavaria. They are to a large extent identical to the today's region Pfalz.

The linksrheinischen areas belonged, before they were conquered after the French revolution by French revolution troops, usually to smaller political or church principalities such as Kurpfalz, Kurtrier or cure Mainz. The victorious Frenchmen established Départements, z. B. the Département thunder mountain (Mont tonnerre) with seat in Mainz, to which the entire today's Pfalz belonged.

The Napoleoni wars led to a recent paging. Still before the final victory over Napoleon for the released areas a Zentralverwaltungsdépartement had been created. After the victory from it temporarily two Generalgouvernements developed, of it here from interest the Generalgouvernement central Rhine with seat in Mainz.

To 14. April 1816 retired Austria its requirements to on certain linksrheinischen areas the Kingdom of Bavaria. Thus the Rhine circle developed. The Kingdom of Bavaria wanted to integrate this first not completely into its territory, because it had reservations opposite the linksrheinischen inhabitants, who did not want to do without the achievements from the French revolution (civil rights, code civil, freedom of trade etc.). The liberty movement culminated and ended finally 1832 in the Hambacher celebration with new city at the crying race.

Afterwards the Rhine circle in Rheinpfalz was renamed, in order to make so the linksrheinische Pfalz administratively better by the northBavarian Upper Palatinate distinguishable. Only after the Second World War, with the education of the Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate, the political borders were again drawn and the governmental district Pfalz was created. This had 1969 existence up to the administrative reform and came up then in up to the year 2000 the existing governmental district Rhinehesse-Palatinate .


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