Rhine country

Rhine country (1905)

the Rhine country corresponds to the area of the former Prussian Rhine province after today's view mainly. After a further today no longer usual view it covers additionally the upper Rhine. The today's term Rhine country refers to the north Rhinethe country North Rhine-Westphalia, which corresponds to the area of the landscape federation Rhine country, the country Rhineland-Palatinate with exception of the south as well as the area of the German-language community in eastern Belgium. Only in the area of the closer view the inhabitants than Rhine countries call themselves.

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the Rhine country in North Rhine-Westphalia borders in the north and the west at the Netherlands and Belgium, in the east at Westphalia. The Rhineland-Palatinian partmountain country as well as the Vorderpfalz border in the west on Belgium and Luxembourg, in the southwest on (in former times likewise to the Rhine country counted) the Saarland and in the south on the Nordpfälzer. East it pushes at Hessen.

The highest collection of the nordrhein westfälichenRegion is the mountain lain in the Eifel white stone with 689 M. The inheritance head in the Hunsrück is with 816 m the highest collection of the Rhineland-Palatinian region and thus the Rhine country altogether and also the highest German mountain on the left of of the Rhine, which flows through the country from southeast to northwest.


North Rhine-Westphalia



with the population of the Rhine countryit concerns Franconias. In place names or surnames this becomes still clear.

Important cities:

with * characterized cities belong to the landscape federation to Rhine country in North-Rhine/Westphalia, however parts of the today's city belong historically to Westphalia.


Kleve, Wesel, Viersen, Heinsberg, Rhine circle Neuss, Metz man, Rhine Erft circle, Rheinisch Bergi circle, Oberbergi circle, Rhine victory circle, Euskirchen, Düren,Aachen, old person churches, Westerwaldkreis, Neuwied, Ahrweiler, Mayen Koblenz, Rhine Lahn circle, Rhine Hunsrück circle, Cochem cell, Bernkastel Wittlich, Daun, Bitburg Prüm, Trier Saarburg, Birkenfeld, Mainz being gene, Bad Kreuznach, Alzey Worms


in the northern region at the Niederrhein, north the Uerdinger line and/or. the Benrather line, prevails the down German Dialect Niederfränki forwards. The areas south of it lie in the Central German language area: Until within for instance the national border between North Rhine-Westphalia and Rheinland-Pfalz, more exactly said up to the Vinxtbach - line becomes the Middle Franconian dialect Ripuari, also as “kölsche dialect” admits,spoken, while it acts south this line around Moselfränkisch and in the Mainzer area over Rhine-hessian, a Rhine-Frankish dialect.

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particularly admits is in the Rhine country of the Karneval, inthat the sense of glad of the Rheinländers expresses itself.

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