Rhode Island

Rhode Island
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Karte der USA, Rhode Island hervorgehoben

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base data
pointed name: The ocean state
(The Ocean State)
capital: Providence
largest city: Providence
rank (within the USA): 50
altogether: 4,005 km ²
country: 2,709 km ²
water (%): 1,296 km ² (32.4%)
rank (within the USA): 43
altogether (2000): 1.048.319
density: 262/km ²
member state
place: 13
since: 29. May 1790
time belt: Eastern: UTC-5/-4
degree of latitude: 41°18'N to 42°1'N
degree of longitude: 71°8'W to 71°53'W
broad: 50 km
length: 65 km
highest situation: 247 m
average situation: 60 m
deepest situation: 0 m
governor: Donald Carcieri
postal: RI
ISO 3166-2: US-RI

Rhode Island [ˌɹoʊdˈaɪlənd] is the surface-moderately smallest Federal State of the USA. The official name of Rhode Island is State OF Rhode Island and Providence of plan act ion. One is not completely safe itself whether the designation Rhode Island of the Dutch Roode Eyland (because of the reddishColouring of the soil) is derived, or whether it therefore comes that the sailor Giovanni felt reminded Verrazano 1524 of the island Rhodos there, when he vorbeisegelte there. The pointed name reads “The Ocean State”. The capital is Providence.

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it lies in new England and borders in the north and the east Massachusetts, in the south to the Atlantic ocean and in the west at Connecticut.


1511 took for the first time a European discoverer the coasts of the later Rhode Iceland to the knowledge. The Portuguese sailor Miguel de Cortereal segelte onthe coast past, without accreting however.

The colony, which was designated late Rhode Island and Providence of plan act ion, was created 1636 by Roger Williams, a Baptisten, which was banished from the puritanischen Massachusetts Bay Colony.


Capitol of Rhode Island

Rhode Island is only from the surface the smallest US Federal State; the lowest total population has Wyoming.

Well half of the inhabitants of Rhode Island are catholic. Thus Rhode Island is one of only twoUS states, in which an individual group of religions places the absolute majority. (The other one is the by the majority mormonische Utah).

Largest cities (inhabitant 1. July 2004)

  • Providence - 178,126
  • Warwick - 87,683
  • Cranston - 81,986
  • Pawtucket - 74,254
  • East Providence - 49.765
  • Woonsocket - 44,534
  • new haven - 25,879
  • cent ral of case - 19,292


the Federal State is arranged into the Counties Providence , Kent , Bristol , new haven and Washington.

County inhabitant 1. July 2005 administrative seat inhabitant 1. April 2000
Bristol 52,743 Bristol 22,469
Kent 171,590 East Greenwich 12,948
new haven 83,740 new haven 26,475
Providence 639,653 Providence 173,618
Washington 128,463 west Kingston


Karte Rhode Islands
map Rhode Iceland

the today valid condition of Rhode Island originate from the year 1842 and were already often changed. At the point of the executive is the governor, who is selected for four years. The legislation Rhode Iceland consists of a senate with 50 and a parliament with 100 members. Both become fortwo years selected. Rhode Island sends two delegates into the US house of representatives and has four electors in the Präsidentenwahl.


electrotechnical products, metalworking industry, plastics, treatment of jewels, building of ships, tourism, medical research, oceanic research establishments, fishing.


only one Railway company in Rhode Island is the Providence and Worchester Railroad. It operates the former new Haven - distance of New York, N.Y. after bad clay/tone, Massachusetts as well as the distance after Worchester (Massachusetts).

Amtrak has their on this distance High-speed traffic in the northeast passage with the Acela - express furnished. Only critical point is Providence.


road scene in new haven, Rhode Island

educational facilities

  • Brown University, Providence
  • Bryant University, Smithfield
  • Community college OF Rhode Island, Providence
  • Gibbs college, Cranston
  • Johnson & Wales University, Providence
  • Naval was college, new haven
  • new England of institutes OF Technology, Warwick
  • Providence college, Providence
  • Rhode Island college, Providence
  • Rhode Island School OF Design, Providence
  • Roger Williams University, Bristol
  • salvo Regina University, new haven
  • University OF Rhode Island, Kingston


since 1959 is organized in new haven new haven in such a way specified the Folk festival. Based the festival George wine, thatalready five years before new haven jazz festival in the life, and Albert Grossman, the later manager of Bob Dylan had called. In the course of the years many late well-known musicians had here their first appearance, so e.g. Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie and James Taylor.

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coordinates: 41° 39 ' N, 71° 25 ' W


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