Rhythm (music)

Zusammenhang von Grundschlag, Takt, Metrum und Rhythmus
connection of basic impact, clock, Metrum and rhythm

in the music designates the term rhythm (of griech. ੕ υθμός speed) the consequence different sounding and clay/tone lasting and/or. suspending sound (break) in the expiration of the time.

There are two easily different uses of the term:

  • As designation of the phenomenon and/or. musical parameter rhythm.
  • As in each case a certain/fixed rhythm, z. B. Samba, Tango, etc. Rhythm.

In the sense of the abendländischen music the rhythm refers to the given clock, particularly if its sample returns regularly. Systematically a rhythm sounding against the basic impact of the clock synkopiert one calls. How tension-rich a rhythm is felt, depends strongly on in which mixing proportion and in which way its accents coincide with the basic impact or deviate however from it.

In the notation of the abendländischen music rhythms can be held by Notenwerte in writing.

In the Indian music a rhythm system independent of the clock in the western sense exists, sees for this the Indian term Tala.

examples of certain rhythms

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