emperors Richū (jap. 履中天皇 Richū tennō; * 336 (?); † 15. March 405) was after the historical books Kojiki and Nihonshoki of the 17. Emperor of Japan (400 - 405). It probably prevailed in early 5. Century. Historians identify it with the JapaneseKing San (讃) in documents from the Empire of China. Others assume that San with emperor Nintoku is alike. But Chinese documents represented San and Chin as brothers. If it were alike with San, it died before 438.

After Kojiki and Nihonshoki was it the first son of emperor Nintoku and of empress Iwanohime. Its name was Ōe NO Izahowake (Crown Prince Izahowake). It had two sons and two daughters.


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