Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Cheney

smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Cheney

smelling pool of broadcasting corporations “thick” Bruce Cheney (* 30. January 1941 in Lincoln, Nebraska) is since 2001 vice-president of the United States under George W. Bush.

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family lives

Cheney as a son of an employee of the US Ministry Of Agriculture, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations harsh ore Cheney, one bore. Its nut/mother was Marjorie Dickey Cheney.Its father was registered democrat and worked for a program, which was begun in the Roosevelt - government to keep fruitful in order to help farmers, their soil and protect against erosion. It has a brother, Bob, and a sister, Susan. It grew in Casper (Wyoming) up, where he became acquainted with its Schulfreundin and later wife Lynne Vincent at the age of fourteen years. He descends from Ralph de Chesney, Sire von Quesnay, who fought at the side of William of the conquerer in the fight of Hastings in the year 1066.

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In the High School

Cheney excellent academic and sporty achievements furnished school training/study. He became class speaker of the Natrona County (Wyoming) High School and played help-bakes in the football - crew. In the summer after its graduation and in everyone of the six following years Cheney regeneratedStromleitungen and was member of the current he trade union.

Cheney could study 1959 at the University of Yale due to an academic scholarship, fallow however after three terms due to bad notes again off. 1962 he was arrested, condemned and arrestiert twice because of drunkennessness in traffic. In an interview alsothe New Yorker one of 7. He said May 1991 to it: (the of detention larva him) “think about where I which and where I which headed. I which headed down A bath road, if I continued on that course. “After it he began to dedicate itself again to studies,thus it registered 1963 at the Casper Community college and changed then to the University of Wyoming, where it locked 1965 with Bachelor and 1966 with a master in political sciences. It began thereupon at the university of Wisconsin Madison as a beginning graduate student, whereby it despite very good notesbroke off, in order to dedicate itself to the policy: an in yearly scholarship for the work in the office of the delegate William riser made it possible. Cheney has today two adults of daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, as well as four grandchildren.

political career

of beginnings

its politicalCareer began Dick Cheney as a coworker of the Nixon government, among other things as a personal assistant of Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense at that time. Under president Gerald Ford became Cheney the assistant of the president and the youngest chief of staff of the white house (White House Chief OF Staff) of historyselected. In this function he was among other things at the fast settlement of the so-called oil on affair around the mysteriösen death of the bacteriologist Dr. Franc Olson takes part, which had worked for the CIA on the secret project MKULTRA. In addition Cheney was Wahlhelfer for of Gerald Ford candidacy to the re-election1976.


1978 it was selected as republican delegates for the state Wyoming in the house of representatives, whereby it defended this post five times until 1989. During this time it took a quite conservative on position. Thus it was correct and others against a resolution for releaseof Nelson Mandela, against a national holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. and against US a department OF Education, a “office for education”.

It was also against resolutions against South Africa or Cuba (“They almost more never work”). Later it should the resolutions against that Iraq support.

it tuned 1986 against a resolution for the release of Nelson Mandela and for it in the election campaign 2000 was particularly criticized.

Also he was in this time an energetic advocate of the national oil and coal trade. A national building in Casper, responsibly for oil andCoal, was baptized after it “Dick Cheney Federal Building”.


1989 became Cheney of George H. W. Bush as successors of John Tower as the Secretary of Defense appoint. It held this office up to the end of of Bush term of office in January 1993.

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Business career

1995 he became a supervisory board chairman and CEO von Halliburton, their core business the power supply and - promotion and/or. the trade with oil is. Together with Donald Rumsfeld it justified 1997 the neo conservative „Think tank “ Project for the new American Century also.


Dick Cheney became 2000 of George W. Bush appointed the vice-president and attained fast the call to be one of the most energetic vices-president of the last time. So it should be strongly involved in internal meetings and personnel decisions, which for a strong position within the Bush governmentspeaks. Also it maintains an office in the house of representatives.

Cheney managed that during its vice-presidency national Energy Policy development Group (NEPDG), where also some high Enron - coworkers despite the current Enron scandal were busy. In July 2003 the highest US-American court, Court forced the supreme, the NEPDG, to publish their entire documents. It contains maps the Arab emirates united by oil fields in Saudi Arabia, the Iraq and as well as some chapters over topics such as energy efficiency, energy security or environmental protection. Also it became admits that the NEPDG Saddam Hussein concessions toPromotion of its oil had made.

After Cheney was set up as a vice-presidency candidate, he stepped to 25. July as CEO von Halliburton back, sold a large part of its portions and put on the remainder in funds-in-trust. Still in July 2004 it received however payments as settlement from Halliburton.Since Halliburton received highly endowed orders for the reconstruction in the Iraq awarded, voices became loud, which assumed a clash of interest. There the company under guidance Cheneys of business with dictatorships like the Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar made, did not come Cheney for it in not insignificant measure into thoseCriticism.

political points of view

contrary to Bush Cheney in connection with same sex marriage is considered as unlocked. It attributes this to the fact that its daughter calls itself as lesbian. However he, exactly like Bush, is vehement abortion opponent.


  • 1991 - Presidential Medal OF Freedom


smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Cheney is the name godfather of the sponge ball beetle Agathidium cheneyi. On a hunt trip at the 11. It showed itself to February 2006 in Texas as bad contactors as it a friendly lawyer by shot from a shotgunhurt.

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