Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Dedekind

smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Dedekind.

Julius William smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Dedekind (* 6. October 1831 in Braunschweig; † 12. February 1916 in Braunschweig) was a German mathematician.

Dedekind studied mathematics at the Braunschweiger Collegium Carolinum starting from 1848. It continued the study since 1850 in Goettingen, where it attained a doctorate to 1852 with Carl Friedrich Gauss as its last pupils integrals Euler over the theory. 1854 it habilitierte itself likewise in Goettingen, briefly after Bernhard Riemann. After the death of Gauss 1855 Dirichlet became professor and that one make friends themselves with Dedekind. It became 1858 full professor at the polytechnic institute in Zurich and was from 1862 to its retirement in the year 1894 professor for mathematics in Braunschweig at the there technical university.

Designated after smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Dedekind are the dedekindschen cuts, the Dedekindringe, the dedekindsche η-function in the theory of the module forms, the dedekindsche ζ-function of an algebraic number body, dedekindsche complementary module as well as Dedekind sums.

In its publication in the year 1888 which are and which are numbers? it wrote:

“The numbers are free creations of the human spirit, them serve as means, in order to understand the difference of the things easier and sharper. By the purely logical structure of the number science and by the constant numerous won in it we are only set into the conditions to exactly examine our conceptions of space and time by referring the same to this number realm created in our spirit. “

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