Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Parkes Bonington

scene in normandy, around 1823

smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Parkes Bonington (* 25. October or 26. October 1801 in Arnold, Nottinghamshire; † 23. September or 28. September 1828 in London, after other sources geb. 1802) were an English painter.

Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Bonington in the small village Arnold was born with Nottingham. Bonington formed since 1816 (with 15 years) in Antoine Jean, baron Gros of 'school and then in handling Eugène Delacroix in Paris, studied the Netherlands and venezianischen masters, bereiste late Italy and died to 28. September 1828 in London.

Its most well-known pictures are:

an opinion of the Dogenpalastes and a further of Venice; several nordische landscapes with (cathedral of Rouen) and without architecture, where he in particular as the innovative artist in the area of naive view of nature and blow, by the Dutchmen affected Kolorits it appears; in the historical category shining groups from the domestic life of the princes of the Renaissance time, so: Franz I. with his sister at the window, Karl V. and the duchess of Etampes, Heinrich III. the Spanish envoys receiving. Magnificent costumes in the full loom often form the principal value of these works.

By its landscapes it has an important influence on the French school exercised


the place of residence of the paintings or collections to refer itself on the year 1889. These can be today elsewhere.

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