Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Reid

terrorist smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Reid

of the Englishmen smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Colvin Reid (* 12. August 1973 in Bromley, London) visited those Thomas valley-reads School in Kidbrooke, London. The son of an Englishwoman and a Jamaikaners became early remarkable by road criminality and converted in the institute for youth detention FelthamYoung Offenders' to the Islam. It had probably contacts to aluminium-Qaida and in accordance with the data FBI used it among other things the wrong identities Tariy Raja and Abdel of the Rahim. To 22. December 2001 he tried an assassination attempt on a passenger airline (American Airlines, Flug 63from Paris to Miami) also in its shoes hidden explosive. Reids seat was in such a way selected that a bearing area and the associated fuel lines would have been concerned.

The ignition was defeated, since a flight companion recognized that he tried the tongue of his shoe with a matchto ignite. She tried the shoe to seize, thereby however to soil was pushed. It succeeded to call it for assistance on which a second flight companion tried it from its project to hold. It attacked it and bit it in the thumbs. The 1,93m large Reidby other passengers, among them to two physicians which Reid a tranquilizer was overwhelmed finally gave.

The authorities discovered later in the shoe fodder hidden Plastiksprengstoff with a triac clay/tone tri peroxide fuze (TATP).

To 30. January 2003 became Reid in the USA because of tried murder of the Federal court in bad clay/tone, Massachusetts because of terrorismcondemned. During the process it gave to be open to a fundamentalist terrorist and a avowed enemy of the United States as well as act in the name by aluminium Qaeda and Osama Ben Laden.

It became three times life imprisonment four times thirty and four times, further twenty yearsDetention as well as following five years on probation condemn. There the detentions to be successively served do not have are important the probation sentence as well as the additionally imposed fines of eight times 250,000$, and additional penalty charges of 300$, 5,784$ and 800$ any longer. He serves his punishment in the ADX Florence,Prison in Florence, Colorado.

There are speculations that 40 days before an aircraft crash (American Airlines flight 587 from New York to Santo Domingo) over New York could have been caused likewise by an assassination attempt of this kind. At that time an airbus A300 in air broke,255 passengers, the crew and 5 humans at the soil died. On the other hand it speaks however that a claim of responsibility does not admit became.


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