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Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner
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William smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner (* 22. May 1813 in Leipzig; † 13. February 1883 in Venice in the Palazzo Vendramin Calergi); was a German composer.

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personal record

childhood and youth time

the composer became to 22. May 1813 in Leipzig as a ninth child of the Polizeiaktuarius Carl Friedrich Wagner (1770-1813) and the baker daughter Johanna raisin Wagner, geb. Pätz (1774-1848), born. SixMonths after its birth, to 23. November 1813, died the father at typhoid fever. In August 1814 Wagners nut/mother married the actor and poet Ludwig Geyer, which had taken care of the family after the death of the father, and who Wagnermuch estimated. Speculations, according to which Geyer was the physical father smelling pool of broadcasting corporations of Wagners, are neither proven nor clearly disproved. The assumption, Geyer was also possibly Jew, those possibly also W. even had, is today disproved. Still 1814 moved the familyto Dresden. To 16. February 1815 was born Richards half sister Cäcilie.

In the year 1817 Wagner was given first schooling to. Two years later the stepfather Ludwig Geyer got sick and died to 30. September 1821 in Dresden. Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations came to his uncle KarlGeyer in ice lives in care. Under the name it visited William smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Geyer starting from 22. December 1822 the cross school in Dresden. 1826 moved the family to Prague. Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations continued to remain in Dresden, however the family in Prague visited, thatfirst time 1826, 1827 a second time. Starting from Christmas it was again at its family in Leipzig. Here he learned 1828 to 1830 under the name Wagner to the Nikolaischule as well as at the Thomas school. It was subordinate at this timethe influence of its uncle Adolf Wagner. Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner read Shakespeare and the romantics, e.g.E.T.A. Hoffmann. With 16 years Wagner experienced Wilhelmine Schröder Devrient in Beethovens Fidelio. From now on it was certain for it that he wanted to become musicians,and it wrote soon first Sonaten, a caper quartet as well as the unfinished opera attempt „the wedding “. Starting from 1831 it studied Leipzig music at the university, in addition it took composition instruction with the Thomaskantor Christian Theodor wine-lies, which it also its first work(Klaviersonate in B major) dedicated. In the year 1832 Wagner composed the C major Symphonie and undertook its third Böhmen journey.

It became active with the Corps Saxonia Leipzig. However it became - after it later due to its financial situation several times the pension of its nut/motherdefrauded - impossible. It commentated this with the words: “I am a genius! To me other values apply! “

1833 became a Wagner by the writer and journalist Heinrich summerhouse of the ideas of the boy Germany, a in a revolutionary manner oriented literary movement of the Vormärz, impresses. At the same time it began with the composition of the Feen, after it had been engaged as a director of choir by the peppering citizen theatre. In leaves newspaper for the elegant world soon thereafter its essay appeared the German opera. With TheodorApel undertook it the fourth Böhmen journey. As musical directors/conductors of the summer season in bath allium city and the theatre in Magdeburg he learned the actress Minna planner (*5. September 1809 in Oederan, † 25. January 1866 in Dresden) know.

ripe years

1835 worked Wagner on the opera the dear prohibition and led the second farm servant citizens play time. To 29. March 1836 took place the premiere of the opera the dear prohibition or the Novize of Palermo in Magdeburg. Over Berlin Wagner traveledafter king mountain. To 24. November married he Minna planner. At the 1. April 1837 he became a director of music in king mountain. The theatrical enterprise broke down however shortly thereafter because of the management. Wagner came into debts. In June 1837 it succeeded to it, oneTo attain conductor place in Riga, where it was safe before its German creditors. Here 1838 the text and the beginning of the score of the Rienzi developed. To 12. October 1837 died the sister Rosalie. 1839 lost Wagner its position in Riga already again. From fear of its creditors it exceeded secretly the Russian-eastPrussian border and drove together with its wife on the small sailing boat „Thetis “to London. The stormy passage brought first inspirations for the flying dutchman. Subsequently,they continued to drive to Paris.

Wagner spent the years 1840 and 1841 under ärmlichen economic conditions in Paris: It completed the Rienzi (1840) and the flying dutchman (1841). He learned Heinrich Heine and Franz Lisztknow. Into this time fell also the occupation with Ludwig of fire brook atheistischer philosophy and the theories of the French early socialist and early theoretician of the modern anarchy mash Pierre Joseph Proudhon, which abfärbten on its first conceptions of the Nibelungendrama. 1842 left WagnerParis and returned to Dresden. He spent June in Teplitz Schönau. On the fright stone the first Tannhäuser developed - for draft. The premiere of the Rienzi found to 20. October in Dresden instead of. Franz Liszt was at this time Hofkapellmeister in Weimar.

1843 were appointed Wagner the royal-Saxonian Kapellmeister at the Dresdens opera. The flying dutchman became to 2. January in Dresden uraufgeführt. Friendship with August Röckel, with which it held above all conversations across politics. Here it got used to itself also alsothe Russian Anarchisten Mikhail Bakunin. 1844 worked Wagner of far on the opera Tannhäuser and the singer war on waiting castle. In July 1845 was Wagner in Marienbad. It sketched a sketch to the Meistersingern and worked on thatOpera Lohengrin. Premiere of the Tannhäuser to 19. October in Dresden. Ludwig II. became to 25. August born. 1846 directed Wagner Beethovens ninth Symphonie and began with the composition of the Lohengrin.

Wagners nut/mother died to 9. January 1848. Wagnerprofessed itself to the efforts of the March revolution. It got used to itself with Liszt in Weimar. The Nibelungen - conception developed. Travel Wagners to Vienna. 1849 it had as revolutionary, because of the participation in the Dresden May rebellion, in the later process of the March revolution in the kingdom and were steckbrieflich searched, like also its friend Gottfried Semper flee Saxonia, by the police. Its escape led it, after a short stay in Paris, into the exile to Zurich. There the inhabitants of zurich art writings developed. Wagner hadan affair with Jessie Laussot in Bordeaux.Lohengrin became to 28. August in Weimar uraufgeführt. Wagner wrote the music-theoretical writing opera and drama.

Wagner became acquainted with 1852 Otto and Mathilde Wesendonck and completed the seal for the ring of the Nibelungen. In May 1852 Wagner gave concerts in Zurich. In July the Liszts visited it, on this occasion came it to the brother shank drunkenness with Liszt and George Herwegh. Italy journey. It conceived the Rhine gold - play. To 10. October was a Wagner with Lisztin Paris and Cosima saw for the first time. Beginning of the Rhine gold - composition.

1854 read smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner Schopenhauers Hauptwerk, the world as will and conception. In the same year it began with the conception of Tristan and Isolde. 1855 gaveWagner several concerts in London. 1856 it addressed a request for grace to the Saxonian king. In the meantime it lived on becoming green hill beside the mansion Wesendonck in Zurich and composed the Wesendonck songs. The composition at the ring of the Nibelungen became inthis time interrupted, but Wagner began with the composition at the Tristan. Hans's von Bülow and Cosima became to 18. August in Berlin trusted and undertook their wedding journey to Zurich. 1858 intensified itself Wagners affair with Mathilde Wesendonck. Ithis Mrs. Minna traveled to Dresden after Venice. After Minna had uncovered his schwärmerische friendship to the married Mathilde Wesendonck, Wagner separated from his wife. it stopped and completed themselves 1859 in Luzern the Tristan. Afterwards Wagner stayedin Paris, where Minna followed it. There and in Brussels Wagner gave concerts. In August 1860 Wagner could travel after partial amnesty by the Saxonian king for the first time again to Germany. Cosima of Bülows daughter Daniela became to 12. Octoberborn.

1861 were the year Paris Tannhäuser scandal. Wagner was in Karlsruhe, Vienna, Venice, Mainz and Paris. It began with the work to the Meistersinger of Nuremberg. In the year after Wagner left Paris. It held itselfwith Minna in Biebrich up, where it came to the final separation between the two. In the same year the king of Saxonia issued a complete amnesty. Wagner maintained relations with Mathilde Maier and Friederike Meyer. In July it met alsothe Bülows, afterwards it remained in Vienna.

1863 gave Wagner of concerts in sank to Petersburg, Moscow, Budapest, Prague and Karlsruhe. To 28. Wagner and Cosima in Berlin admitted themselves November mutually their love. Cosimas daughter Blandine of Bülow became to 29.March born. 1864 left Wagner Vienna and visited Eliza will in Maria field with Zurich. To 4. May 1863 became a Wagner of king Ludwig II. receive in Munich, which supported it in the next years always again. In June and Julythe same yearly stayed Cosima with Wagner in the house pellet at the Starnberger lake. Thus their dear relationship was sealed. Isolde, Cosima of Bülows and Wagners first common child, became to 10. April 1865 in Munich born. The premiere of Tristan andIsolde was to 10. June in Munich. To 17. July began to write at its autobiography my life to Wagner.

Minna Wagner died to 25. January 1866 in Dresden. Wagner was at the time with Cosima in Switzerland, both pulledtogether in Trib, where Cosima most time was. EH, Cosimas and Wagners second child, became there to 17. February 1867 born. The premiere of the Meistersinger found to 21. June 1868 in Munich instead of. Wagner undertook a width unit in journeywith Cosima. To 8. November met Wagner in Leipzig the Nietz first time. Starting from 16. November always lived Cosima with Wagner in Trib. It began at the 1. January 1869 their diary minute. Friedrich Nietz, at that time professor in Basel, was regularin Trib to guest.Siegfried Wagner, Cosimas and Richards third child, became to 6. June in Trib born. To 22. September took place the premiere of the Rhine gold in Munich.

To 18. July 1870 became the marriage Cosimas and Hansfrom Bülows divorced, and the premiere of the Walküre found to 26. June in Munich instead of. Cosima and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner became immediately thereafter to 25. August in Luzern trusted. Wagner selected Bayreuth as festival place and announces to 1871 festivals for the first time.It was received from Bismarck in Berlin. 1872 died at the 3. January smelling pool of broadcasting corporations of Wagners sister Luise. It already moved to Bayreuth, and to 22. May could be put the foundation-stone of the Festspielhauses.

Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner in Bayreuth

in the Native of Bayreuth Festspielhaus createdWagner „an invisible orchestra “, by letting the orchestra ditch with a cover shield to the public. The dramatic action on the opera stage remained so the exclusive focus, while the orchestra was not to be seen. In addition was appropriate for it to therebydeveloping sound quality. The special acoustics are based also on the fact that it is a timber construction that the auditorium does not have Logen at the sides and the seats are ungepolstert. The idea in addition had already come it into Riga, where it in oneKind barn to direct had, by the acoustics was however inspired.

In the year following on it Wagner was much on concert journeys on the way. Bruckner and Nietz were to attendance in Bayreuth. To 2. August 1873 was the arranging celebration of the Festspielhauses. In this yearalso Friedrich had Nietz its first serious disease accumulations.

the last years

to 28. Cosima and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner house Wahnfried referred April 1874. Wagners brother Albert died to 31. October, a half year later, to 17. March1875, also the sister Klara. The score ring of the Nibelungen was to 21. November 1874 terminates.

In presence emperor Wilhelms I. found starting from 13. August 1876 the first Natives of Bayreuth festivals with the ring of the Nibelungen instead of. In September traveledWagner to Italy and had a last meeting with Nietz in Sorrent. In the years 1877 to 1879 Wagner worked on the Parsifal. During a London stay it was received by queen Victoria from England. To 31. December 1879 travelled to Wagnerto Italy and was in the subsequent year predominantly in Neapel, Ravello, Siena and Venice.

1881 were specified the ring in Berlin. Wagner was starting from November in Sicilies. It completed to 13. January 1882 in Palermo the Parsifal. The second Natives of Bayreuth festivals with the Parsifal found starting from 26. July instead of. Starting from 16. September was Wagner with its family in Venice. There its last writings developed. Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner died to 13. February 1883 in the Palazzo Vendramin,to 16. February was transferred its body to Bayreuth, where it to 18. February was buried in the garden by house Wahnfried.

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Wagners Antisemitismus

the Wagnerwerke became already in the empire and particularly inthe Hitler time of nationalistic currents on one side politically takes in. The universal character of its works was not understood however. From its eleven enormous music dramas play only two in Germany, the Meistersinger of Nuremberg and Tannhäuser. The other works play incompletely Europe:Rienzi (Italy), the flying dutchman (Norway), Lohengrin (Antwerp, today's Belgium), Tristan and Isolde (England) and Parsifal (Spain). The fourth-hasty ring of the Nibelungen acts of archaischen primeval times and is based on Scandinavian legends, above all the Edda. Wagneras a traveler Italy particularly loved, where it pulled it again and again.

Wagners Antisemitismus shows up in its essay the Judenthum in the music (1850). Wagner represents therein the thesis that „the Jew is actually unable “, neither throughits outside feature, its language, to kundzugeben itself to all few however by its singing, us artistically. Nevertheless „it arrived “in the music at the control of the public taste. Regardless of his expressions Wagner had a number of Jewish friends and coworkers, underother one its aid Karl rope victory, Joseph ruby stone, Angelo Neumann and the famous singer Lilli Lehmann. The conductor it entrusted Hermann Levi in Bayreuth the premiere of its last work Parsifal .

By its long acquaintance and friendship with Adolf Hitler, which was an expressed Wagnerverehrer, Winifred brought itself Wagner likewise in discredit.


music-dramatic works

  • the wedding (1832, 226 clocks received)
  • the Feen (1834, UA: 29. June 1888Royal yard and national theatre Munich)
  • the dear prohibition or the Novize of Palermo (1834 - 1836, UA: 29. March of 1836 city theatres Magdeburg)
  • Rienzi, the last one of the grandstands (1837 - 1840, UA: 20. October 1842Royally Saxonian yard theatre Dresden)

only the following ten works selected Wagner for performances in Bayreuth:


  • Symphonie C major
  • Konzertouvertüren (under it fist Ouvertüre D-Moll)
  • 3 Klaviersonaten
  • of Wesendonck songs


Wagner additionally to the contents drafts, text versions and analyses of its music dramas political and barking trichloroethylene tables writings, wrote numerous music-theoretical , philosophical, among other things „Opera and drama “, (1851), an essay over the theory thatOpera, „the Judentum in the music “(1850), a Polemik against Jewish composers and the work of art of the future (1850). It wrote also a Autobiografie „my life “(1880).

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