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Richie Hawtin (actually smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Hawtin, * 4. June 1970 in Oxfordshire, England) alias F.U.S.E. alias Plastikman is a DJ, a musician and a Techno - a producer, this style considerably along and also in the range thatapplies for technical aids as Innovator.


1979 emigrierten Hawtins parents from England to Windsor (Ontario). Its father worked in an autofactory general of the engine - company. At the age of 15 Richie Hawtin made regularly „Clubbing “- trips in close convenient Detroit, with 17 it was already DJ in a club named Shelter. Together with its brother Matthew Hawtin (a visual Künster) it divided at this time into Windsor an old fire station. Richie Hawtin began a study of the film sciences in Windsor.

Over a contact also Jeff Mills was Hawtin end of the 80's for the first time also as a producer actively. Subsequently, it had its own Radioshow , which contributed to its further popularity with the transmitter Detroit 96.3 FM.

With John Acquaviva it created 1990 in the meantime the Plus-8 legendary in the Techno scene -Label. Originally the producer bottom plate wanted to publish Hiphop and in such a way still produced one at the beginning of for Kenny Larkin. But already 1991 appeared for the first time Acid Techno on the label, usually brought in by Hawtin, Acquaviva and Speedy J. Thus the label became in an educated manner and lay in the trend.Within shortest time constant sales figures were obtained by 10.000 pieces and more. Hawtin created 1991 still the labels “sample” (for experimentellere publications) and “definite one” (for House music). At the same time it, Acquaviva and Speedy J internationally in demand as DJs and/or. LiveActs. Due to its numerous obligationsHawtin had to terminate its study without conclusion.

As musician and DJ Hawtin now also “Plastikman” and “Fuse” called itself, together with Fred Giannelli and Daniel Bell also “Spawn”. Publications (predominantly Maxi Singles) followed in large number and fast consequence. Beside own productions Hawtin made itself alsoas Remixer a name. It set musical accents and worked among other things for Sven Väth, The being ashamed, Josh sign, loaf oh, Steve Hillage and with Pete Namlook.

On its album Sheet One (1993) verwob it Acid with Ambient and minimum carousing NO elements. The Songsis experimental Klangcollagen from TB-303 - runs, Percussions and effects. This album has a legendary call in the Techno /Electro scene. 1995 appeared with Hawtins “call it what you want” the 50ste publication on sample Rec.

1995 created Hawtin with its brother Matthew a “Intellinet” selling mentioned foraltogether 15 labels, which was again adjusted however soon. Due to the Intellinet failure also the labels “sample” and “definite one” were adjusted. 1997 took place after over 70 publications also the attitude of “Plus8”. The label firmierte in the future under the name “minus”, attained however no morethe earlier meaning.

As DJ it the record players are never enough, and/or. live is to be regarded Richie Hawtin to more as live-act than DJ, because he often uses additionally effect devices and pretty often attaches he also still another TR 909 - Drumcomputer. Such a session became 1999 on CD held: Deck, EFX & 909. Together with John Aquaviva use it as first DJ the software finally Scratch to mix.

In the year 2000 appeared to label activity with “Plus8 Classics” a retrospective on the seven-year-old.

2001 presented itself Hawtin again experimentally: With DE9: Closerit submitted CD, which was built up from innumerable small sound chips by over 100 Techno productions to ton the Edit: half own production, half mix.

From 2002 to 2003 Hawtin lived in New York town center, starting from 2004 in Berlin. In Germany an intensive beganCo-operation with Ricardo Villalobos, with which it forms a successful DJ-bottom plate and in its project “Narod Niki” it likewise cooperates.

In the late year 2005 Hawtin composed the title “9 together with the citizen of Milan Choreografen Enzo Cosimi: 20” for the Eröffnungsgala of the olympic winter plays 2006 in Turin.In March 2006 the exhibition “min2max” was to be seen in Berlin, in which according to press text “with an aesthetic mini Mality of the right parallelepipeds in the area one mystifiziert. “The exhibition concept supplied Matthew Hawtin, Richie Hawtin the suitable minimalistic sound TRACK for it produced.

Diskografie (excerpt)

  • F.U.S.E.:Dimension intrusion, 1993
  • Plastikman: Sheet One, 1993
  • Plastikman: Music, 1994
  • Richie Hawtin: Concept 1 96 VR, 1998
  • Richie Hawtin: Concept 1 96 CD, 1998
  • Plastikman: Consumed, 1998
  • Plastikman: Artifakts, 1998
  • Richie Hawtin: DE9 Closer ton the edit, 2001
  • Plastikman: Closer, 2003
  • Richie Hawtin: DE9 of transit ion, 2005

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