Order: Paarhufer (Artiodactyla)
subordination: Wiederkäuer (Ruminantia)
family: Horn carrier (Bovidae)
Unterfamilie: Reduncinae
kind: Riedböcke (Redunca)
kind: Riedbock
scientific name
Redunca redunca
(Pallas, 1767)

the Riedbock (Redunca redunca), to the distinction of othersKinds of the kind Redunca also as common Riedbock designation, is an African Antilope. It is common over washing levels, sumps and Auenwälder of west, central and East Africa.

This Antilope is somewhat smaller with a Schulterhöhe of 70-90 cm than the large Riedbock. The top side is yellowish to red-brown, the lower surface knows; the front runs have black designs. Only males carry horns, which are curved penetrated and forward.

Male Riedböcke is territorial loners, who stress all females whom are in their area. The females live themselves in loose federations, fastdissolve, if they are in regions with good covering. Only in open area without protection they form for herds of up to ten animals.


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