of the Riesenslalom (called in Austria often also giant gate run (RTL )) is a discipline of the alpine Skisports. The too umfahrenden gates are so set that constantly direction changes take place. Contrary to the slalom however still another liquid, sliding rhythm is possible. A match consists oftwo runs, whose times are added.

differences between slalom and Riesenslalom

Riesenslalomfahrer are faster on the way than Slalomfahrer, because a Riesenslalom course of fewer gates exhibits, which stand to each other in a larger distance than in the slalom. This requires importantly fewer momenta, whereby the running runnersmore to accelerate can. Riesenslalom gates consist of two bars, which are connected by a broad plastic strip, while Slalomtore consist of only one bar.

There are further differences: In the slalom the momenta are clearly shorter, whereby the running runners in a closer and direct drop line on the wayare. The running runners approach thereby much more near to the bars, why they must this with the hands absorption, in order to hold the emphasis as close ones as possible at the drop line. In contrast to it the drop line in the Riesenslalom is less direct, and the gates continue to stand importantlyapart. Thus the drivers come less with the gates into contact and push these if necessary with the internal shoulder away instead of with the hand.

skis and gates

the skis used for Riesenslaloms are longer and more rigid than Slalomskis. The gates are so built that they bend themselves during a contact by the driver flexibly. They are also less firmly embodied in the snow than Slalomtore. Thus they offer less resistance, if a running runner in-driven into them and drug along by this; thus the injury risk is minimized.

Oversecurity to increase, set the world union FIS on the season 2003/04 the minimum turning radius for Riesenslalom skis to 45 meters firmly (there was 40 meters before). For the first time at all minimum lengths for ski were introduced, 185 cm for men and 180 cm for women.


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