Rinmanns green

the pigment Rinmanns green also Rinmann green is used particularly for Ölfarben and Zementfarben. Also the color cobalt-green mentioned corresponds in for instance door gravel green. The oxide was manufactured for the first time 1780 by Rinman (n). It acts with the connection around a solid solution of little per cent of CoO in ZnO. The CO (II) - ions occupy thereby Gitteplätze of the Zn (II) - ions. As much cobalt can be built into the Wurzit - lattice of the zinc oxide, before it comes to two-phaseness (primary elimination of Kobaltoxid), is in the literature disputed, the data goes from 6,5at% (C. H. Bates, W. B. White, R. Roy, J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem. one. 1966, 28, 307-405) to 30at% (R. Rigamonti, Gazz. Chem. one. Ital. 1946, 76, 476). The green tone varies depending upon cobalt content (the more highly the darker) and glow temperature. To be manufactured Rinmanns green from different zinc salts with cobalt salts can, (z. B. Carbonates or oxalates) to be mixed and in the furnace glowed. Rinmannsgrün the spinel structure (ZnCo 2 O 4) to attribute is a far common mistake in most text books is committed. Spinel from zinc and cobalt (ZnCo 2 O 4) gives it also, however it is black like the night.

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