Rita Süssmuth

Rita Süssmuth geb. Kickuth, (* 17. February 1937 in Wuppertal) is a German politician (CDU).

It was from 1985 to 1988 Federal Ministries for youth, family and health (starting from 1986 youth, family, women and health) andfrom 1988 to 1998 president of the German federal daily.

Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth (CDU)
Professor. Dr. Rita Süssmuth (CDU)

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training and occupation

after the Abitur 1956 in Rheine completed it a study of Rome anise TIC and history in Münster, Tübingen and Paris, which it terminated 1961 with the first state examination for the teaching profession. Afterwards followeda post office graduating study of the educating science, sociology and psychology. 1964 took place then their graduation to the Dr. phil. with the work studies for the anthropology of the child in the French literature of the present on the University of Münster. From 1963 to 1966it was active as a scientific female assistant and starting from 1966 as Dozentin at the educational university Ruhr. From 1969 to 1982 it had a training order at the Ruhr University Bochum for international comparing educating science.

1971 became it then the tidy Professorin forEducating science to the pH Ruhr appointed.1980 accepted it the call of the University of Dortmund . From 1982 to 1985 she was a directress of the institute woman and society in Hanover. During its time as an active politician it indicated to block meetingsthe University of Goettingen.

To 6. September 2005 was appointed Rita Süssmuth as the new president of the nationally recognized citizens of Berlin OTA private university. The office period takes three years.


Rita Süssmuth is married with the university professor Hans Süssmuth anda daughter (Claudia) has.

a party

since 1981 is it member of the CDU. 1983 chairman of the federal specialized committee for family policy of the party. 1986 to 2001 were it Federal leaders of the woman union. From 1987 to 1998 it was memberin the presidency of the CDU.


from 1987 to 2002 becomes it member of the German federal daily. To 25. November 1988 was selected it to the president of the German federal daily. In September she considers 1989 with the CDU Party Congress in Bremena candidacy against the CDU chairman Helmut Kohl. In December 1989 Süssmuth for a common explanation of both German states occurs for the acknowledgment of the Polish west border. it presents 1990 a “third way” in the controversy over the abortion paragraph 218 between indication andPeriod solution. In March 1991 it turns out in connection with the “service car affair” into the headlines. Their married man used, so the reproach a service car of the Bundestag administration. The Bundestag administration determined the legal standard of this decision.1992 criticizes the CDU Bundestag faction and Federal Chancellor HelmutKohl its initiative “the last decision must with the woman be appropriate” for the reform abortion paragraphs. In the same year it fails because of the union, which Bonn delegate umzustimmen to a parliamentary allowance zero round. In March 1993 all parliamentary groups support its suggestion, the numberto lower that approximately 660 members of the Bundestag on 500. In July it detunes the CDU by its demand after disclosure of the potash merger agreement in connection with the Thüringer Kalibergwerk Bischofferode threatened by deactivation. In October Süssmuth throws to the candidate of the CDUfor the office for Federal President, Steffen heating man (geb. 1944), forwards, to play down the National Socialist past. On the closed conference of the party executive committee it is correct however for heating man. 1995 represent Süssmuth the conviction that without processing of the past of the new Lands of the Federal Republic no reconciliation is possible.In May she criticizes sharply the degradations planned in the savings package of the Federal Government during the continuation of wage payment in the medical case and with the protection against dismissal as well as the increase of the pensionable age for women on 65 years. relieves 1996 the Council of Elders of Bundestag against Süssmuth the raisedReproach, it used those ready for flight shank of the German Federal Armed Forces to private attendance with its daughter into Switzerland. In the same year it uses itself before the Federal Party Congress for the introduction of the Frauenqoute within the CDU. In the following year 1998 setsit itself for the establishment of a memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. After the election to the Bundestag 1998 the SPD placed to the Presidents of the Bundestag. In the office its Wolfgang Thierse follows to 26. October 1998 after.

It was last (14. Electoral period 1998) over the national list Lower Saxony into the German Bundestag drawn in.

public offices

to 26. September 1985 replaces it Heiner Geissler as a Federal Minister for youth, family and health. It demands a health term seized as far as possibleand turns against the abolition of the cash-medical protection with abortion. (starting from 5. June 1986: Federal Ministry for youth, family, women and health) into the Federal Government led by Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl appoint. Confronted with AIDS it sets as preventive measuresin particular on clearing-up and consultation. After its choice to the parliamentary speaker it separated to 25. November 1988 from the cabinet.

Süssmuths behavior is disputed in things AIDS. This illness became admits, when Mrs. Süssmuth was a health minister.

She was criticizedbecause unchecked medicines for Bluter were not recalled. Numerous Bluter in the FRG was infected by unchecked medicines with AIDS and died. Exact numbers over the number in the FRG at AIDS infected and/or. died Bluter is does not admit. The mirror (41/1987) speaks of 3000 intensively in need of treatment (blood plasma concentrate factor VIII) and Blutern infected 1500 to 2200 at AIDS.

On the other hand it did not publicise approximately resistances in their party the use from condoms to prevention, than this yetof course was so contributed to the containment of the illness, and.


  • of 1979 - 1991 member in the central committee of the German catholics
  • 1980 - 1985 as a vice-president of the family federation of the German catholics (FDK)
  • 1982 -1985 directress of theInstitute “woman and society “in Hanover and lead the presidency of the commission “marriage and family”.
  • since 1988 honorary president of the German people university federation
  • since 1989 honorary in the Kuratorium of the Aspen institute Berlin
  • since 1990 honorary with the board OF Directors of theInstitute for East west Studies (IEWS)
  • since 1991 in the presidency of the German society for foreign policy (DGAP).
  • since 1991 honorary with the board OF Directors that internationally Youth Foundation (IYF)
  • 2002-2004 chairmen of the board of experts for Zuwanderung andIntegration.
  • 2003 lead it the choice observation of the organization for security and co-operation in Europe (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Euro) during the elections to the sieved Staatsduma in the Russian federation
  • line of the choice observation of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Euro in the USA; Presidency and parliamentary elections
  • since 2004at the international organization for migration
  • since September 2005 president of the “OTA university”


  • European dialogue Bonn registered association, Bonn as honorary chairmen
  • European movement Germany registered association, Bonn, as a honorary president
  • forum for Germany, Bonn, than honorary member of the Kuratoriums
  • Bertelsmann donation as a honorary adviser
  • German AIDS donation as honorary chairmen of the Kuratoriums
  • German child and youth donation as honorary chairmen
  • Verein against that forgetting - for democracy as honorary chairmen of the adviser

publications (selection)

  • 1980 “to the anthropology of theChild. Investigations and interpretations ".
  • 1985 “women - the resignation no chance”
  • 1987 “AIDS: Ways from the fear ".
  • 1987 “woman encyclopedia: Traditions, facts, perspectives " together with Anneliese Lissner and Karin walter
  • 1992 “the unmethodical elite” together with Peter Glotz (SPD) and Konrad Seitz (Ambassador)
  • 1997 “a German trial balance: Points of view to handling our past "


see also: Cabinet Kohl II, cabinet Kohl III


  • “Dranbleiben - straight if it with difficulty"
  • once more to rise than to fall down "
  • without acting will not be able we anything to do. (Quotes after [1])

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