River Phoenix

River Phoenix (native River Jew Bottom; * 23. August 1970 in WAD-race, Oregon; † 31. October 1993 in Hollywood, California) was an US-American actor and musician. He celebrated already in recent years large successes and was considered as onethe usually-promising cinema talents of the 1990er years.

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River Phoenix' father (John Lee Phoenix; actually John Lee Bottom) was a Carpenter, its nut/mother (Heart Phoenix; born Arlyn Sharon Dunetz) secretary. Stepped beginning of the 70'sboth of the sparkling wines of children of God . It and its children River,Rain Joan OF Arc (brief Rainbow) Joaquin Rafael (also the Leaf was called), Libertad Mariposa (Liberty Mariposa Butterfly) and buzzer Joy lived in different countries of central and South America, among other things in Puerto Rico and Venezuela, where the father was used as sparkling wine archbishop. Parents informed their children themselves and promoted their musischen abilities. With seven years Phoenix for the family made money as a road musician in Caracas - guitar plays should time life its passion remain. It and its sisterRainbow played some time in the volumes Aleka's Attic. 1977 left the family the sparkling wines, pulled to Los Angeles and changed its names in Phoenix.

Parents strove to accommodate the children by small commitments in advertising spots with the film. 1982 to 1983 playedPhoenix the 12-jährigen Guthrie in the TV serial Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Other television appearances in the series hotel and Fantasy Iceland followed. it gave its film debut in Joe Dantes Explorers to 1985 - a fantastisches adventure. The break-through succeeded to it 1986 with the film Stood By ME - the secret of a summer, which became in the USA the cash hit. Peter Weirs The Mosquito Coast ( with Harrison Ford) and Little Nikita, a Agententhriller at the side of Sidney Poitier followed. 1988 it became for thoseRole of the Danny Pope in the Sidney Lumet - film the escape in the uncertain as the best Nebendarsteller for the OSCAR nominates. 1989 transferred Phoenix to Indiana Jones and the last crusade the role of the young Indiana Jones.

As River Phoenix' best film is considered to My private Idaho- The end of the innocence. Under the direction of Gus Van Sant it played therein 1991 at the side of Keanu Reeves a homosexual Stricher. Afterwards it turned Sneakers - sound lots, signed a contract for Dark Blood and stood on the occupation listof interview with a Vampir. During the turning work to Dark Blood, in the Halloween - night '93 broke down Phoenix after an overdose heroin and cocaine (speed ball) in the arms of its brother Joaquin Phoenix before Johnny Depps night club viper Room in Hollywood.In only the interview with a Vampir, begun after the death of the Jungschauspielers , Christian Slater transferred the role of the journalist planned for Phoenix. Few weeks after its deadly collapse being silent tongue (silent Tongue) came the last film with Phoenix in the main role withinto the cinemas.

Also during its actor career River Phoenix of the music dedicated itself. It played Songs with his friend John Frusciante of talks Hot Chili Peppers , by which some 1997 on John Frusciantes album Smile From The Streets You Hold were published. InYears 1993 he was to be seen in the video from Flea to, where he the bassists talk Hot Chili Peppers interviewte (Flea - bass Jamming & Techniques).

It remained time of its life of the alternative education of its parents faithfully, was a convinced environmental and Tierschützer and livedas Veganer. It supported the animal protection organization PETA, helped with donation collections and bought rain forest in Puerto Rico.


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