Robert A. Heinlein

Robert A. Heinlein

Robert Anson Heinlein (* 7. July 1907 in Butler, Missouri; † 9. May 1988 in Carmel (California)) an US-American Science Fiction was - a writer.

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personal record

after attendance of the naval academy Heinlein on different ships was stationed (and. A. on thatUSS Lexington, the then most modern aircraft carrier), before it had to terminate 1934 because of a Tuberkulose its naval career.

He worked in differently occupations and studied in California. Lively by a newspaper advertisement it wrote its first Kurzgeschichte, which is published in a Science Fiction magazine to 1939. From now on dedicated itselfHeinlein only the literature.

In the context of the Future History - cycle appeared to beginning of the 1950er years further 16 Kurzgeschichten and four novels. Heinlein loaded into it into its future of mankind in 23. Century and with a view of the social,political and cultural environment of its action persons.

In the following years Heinlein wrote above all an extensive collection of Science Fiction novels for young people and young adults, who became increasingly more complex and 1959 in the disputed Starship Troopers kulminierten. Heinleins Zukunftsfantasien are based very strongly on the ideals of the dear ore air mash, to which the author professes itself.

1961 then mark Heinleins most famous and most influential novel, Stranger in A strand country, in its work the turning point to ripe Science Fiction with further ten novels.

Heinlein ranked among the most successful authors of the Science Fiction. It wonand. A. six times the Hugo Award and one is the SFWA - “large masters of the Science Fiction”. Altogether it six times nominated for the dear ore acres Prometheus resound to OF Fame:

  • 1983 for its novel the moon are an harsh loving (English: The Moon is A harsh Mistress),
  • 1987 for the man in a strange world (English: Stranger in A strand country),
  • 1996 for the red planet (close.: Talk planet)
  • 1997 for the discharging of the earth; also under the title Methusalems of children publishes (English: Methuselah's Children)
  • 1998 for the lifethe Lazarus Long (English: Time Enough for Love) and
  • 2003 for the Kurzgeschichte Requiem.

To 9. May 1988 died Robert A. Heinlein, after it had already suffered several times life-threatening illnesses into the 1970ern, at the consequences of a breath way illness.


someWorks Heinleins were filmed, like for example Rocket Ship Galileo (as Destination Moon, dt. Last stop moon) and Starship Troopers.


with two German titles shows second that the new edition.

  • For US, The Living: A Comedy OF Customs, 1939 (2003 for the first time appeared)
  • the discharging of the earth (Methuselah's Children, 1941); also as Methusalems children appeared
  • Utopia 2300 (Beyond This Horizon, 1948)
  • last stop moon (Rocket Ship Galileo, 1947)
  • twice Pluto and back/the Trampsof Luna (The Rolling Stones, 1947)
  • space pilot/space cadet (space Cadet, 1948)
  • the red planet (talk planet, 1949)
  • the sixth column (Sixth Column, 1949; also as The Day after Tomorrow given change)
  • pioneers inUniverse/Farmer in the universe (Farmer into the Sky, 1950)
  • between the planets (Between Planets, 1951)
  • the puppet players/space Mollusken conquers the earth (The pupate Masters, 1951)
  • adventure in the star realm (Starman Jones, 1953)
  • Revolt in the year 2100 (Revolt in 2100, 1954), 1964
  • the Sternenbestie (The star Beast, 1954), 1980
  • tunnel to the stars (tunnel into the Sky, 1955)
  • a double life in the cosmos (double star, 1956)
  • ofStar to star (Time for the of star, 1956)
  • inhabitant of the Milky Way (Citizen OF the Galaxy, 1957)
  • door into the future/the door into the summer (The Door into buzzers, 1957)
  • Piraten in space/thoseInvasion of the worm faces/Kip survives on Pluto (Have space Suit - Travel wants, 1958)
  • Sternenkrieger (Starship Troopers, 1959); Review
  • a man in a strange world (Stranger in A strand country, 1961 shortened expenditure); More strangely in onestrange world, 1996 (review); after the 1991 complete expenditure
  • the long journey (Orphans OF the Sky, 1963 ), appeared, 1975
  • road of the fame (Glory Road, 1963)
  • citizen Mars (Podkayne OF Mars, 1963)
  • the journeyin the future/Farnhams oasis (Farnham's Freehold, 1965)
  • the moon is an harsh loving/revolt on Luna (The Moon is A Harsh Mistress, 1966)
  • the given life (I wants Fear NO Evil, 1970)
  • thoseLife of the Lazarus Long (Time Enough For Love, 1973)
  • the number of the animal (The NUMBER OF the Beast, 1980)
  • Friday (Friday, 1982)
  • the new book Hiob (job, A Comedy OF Justice, 1984)
  • thoseCat, which through the walls goes (The Cat Who Walks Through of barrier), to 1985
  • sails in the solar wind (ton of Sail Beyond the Sunset, 1987)
  • variable star (2006, with Spider Robinson)


appeared into “the greenHill of the earth " (The Green Hills OF Earth), [1951]

  • the green hills of the earth (The Green Hills OF Earth)
  • fundamental considerations…(Delilah and the space Rigger)
  • a dangerous occupation (space Jockey)
  • the guard (The Long Watch)
  • Take to place, my gentlemen! (Gentlemen, Seated)
  • the Versteckspiel (The Black of pit OF Luna)
  • the moon-addicted (It's Great ton bake)
  • all service makes all (>- incoming goods thus mill Dogs<)
  • The universe does not have a soil (Ordealin space)
  • auction on the Venus (logic OF Empire)

further Kurzgeschichten:

  • All You Zombies
  • and He Built A Crooked House, 1940
  • Blowups Happen
  • in the circle (By His Bootstraps)
  • Coventry
  • If This Goes on
  • would run LINE
  • Methuselah's Children
  • bad-fit
  • Our fair town center, 1941
  • Requiem
  • Searchlight
  • the man that the moon sold (The one Who pay The Moon)
  • Who Traveled to The one in Elephants, 1957
  • The Menace From Earth
  • The Roads Must roll
  • The Unpleasant Profession OF JonathanHoag
  • They, 1941
  • university Universities of

further collecting of narrations

  • The one Who pay The Moon, [1950]
  • Waldo and Magic Inc., [1950]
  • Revolt in 2100, [1953]
  • Assignment in Eternity, [1953]
  • The Menace from Earth, [1959]
  • The Unpleasant ProfessionOF Jonathan Hoag or also 6 x H: Six Stories, [1959]
  • The Worlds OF Robert A. Heinlein, [1966]
  • The Past Through Tomorrow: Future History Stories, [1967]
  • The Best OF Robert A. Heinlein, [1973]
  • Destination Moon, [1979]
  • Expanded of university verses, [1980]
  • Requiem: New Collected Works, [1992]

of special books (published after its death)

  • Grumbles from the Grave, [1989]
  • Tramp Royale, [1992]
  • Take bake Your Government, [1993]

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