Robert C. Richardson

Robert Coleman Richardson (* 26. June 1937 in Washington D.C.), is an US-American physicist. Together with David M. Lee and Douglas D. Osheroff received it to 1996 physics Nobelpreis “for the discovery of superfluidity in Helium-3 at very low temperatures”.


Richardson completed its study at the Virginia Polytechnic of institutes and 1966 at the Duke university in Durham, North Carolina was attained a doctorate. 1975 it became to the Cornell University tidy professor for physics, since 1990 also in the function as a director of the laboratory for atom - and solid-state physics.

In superfluids liquids lose the atoms its typically coincidental movement, it orient themselves coordinated; thus the liquid loses internal friction and shows not-classical effects. Today the phases of the Helium-3 belong to superfluids to the most exactly examined conditions of the subject.

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