Robert Charles Gallo

Robert C. Gallo with coworkers (approx. Beginning of the 80's)
Robert Charles Gallo (* 23. March 1937 in Waterbury, Connecticut) is an US-American Virologe.

Robert Gallo became famous as a discoverer of the first human Retroviren (HTLV-I = human T-cell-lymphotropes Retrovirus type 1 and HTLV-II = human T-cell-lymphotropes Retrovirus type 2) at the beginning of the 80's. 1983 succeeded to it almost parallel with the French Virologen Luc Montagnier at Institut Pasteur the discovery of a further Retrovirus, which was called of it beginning “HTLV III”. It kept later to the names HEAVES -1 (human Immmundefizienzvirus type I). The honour of the Erstentdeckung of the first two HTLV viruses is entitled undisputed to Gallo. With HEAVE relax a priority controversy between Montagnier and Gallo, which accepted among other things proper political dimensions (it was topic of a summit between presidents Jacques Chirac and Ronald Reagan). It concerned also the patentrechtliche use of a again developed serologischen test for the HIV infection. Today the discovery of HEAVE both groups of researchers attributed.

After its Autobiografie was the death of its small sister in the infancy at leukaemia a coining/shaping event, which aroused considerably and promptly its interest in the cancer research. Since approximately end of the 60's Gallo concentrated its research on possible human tumor viruses as trip of malicious illnesses. Into the 60ger and many researchers believed 70's that a substantial part of the cancer illnesses with humans were caused by viruses. With many animal species one had found, e.g. such viruses. the mouse leukaemia virus (likewise a Retrovirus). Beginning of the 70's was cleared up the genetics of the Retroviren. The search for human Retroviren ran however despite large efforts and large resources expenditure is enough time without result. Most scientists the idea of possible human Retroviren had put end of the 70's already ad acta and were considered to researcher, which were still concerned with it, increasingly as outsiders. The discovery of the HTLV and shortly thereafter the HIV viruses was a sensation and gave to the Retrovirus research renewed lift.

In addition in the working group of Robert Gallo the Zytokin Interleukin 2 and 1986 the human Herpesvirus type 6 (HHV-6), the exciter of the three-day fever (Roseola infantum), one discovered. For its work Gallo won numerous honors, among other things Albert Lasker Award for basic Medical Research 1982 (together with John Michael Bishop, Raymond L. Erikson, Hidesaburo Hanafusa, Harold E. Varmus) and Albert Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Research 1986 (together with Luc Montagnier). Over several decades Gallo director of the laboratory for Tumorvirologie that was national institute OF Health (NIH) in Bethesda (Maryland). Since 1996 he is a director institutes OF of the human Virology of the University OF Maryland Biotechnology of institutes (Web left: [1]).

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  • Robert Gallo the hunt for the virus - AIDS, cancer and the human Retrovirus. The history of its discovery. S. Fischer publishing house, Frankfurt/Main, 1991, ISBN 3-10-024404-4 (its scientific Autobiografie)


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