Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro Jr. (* 17. August 1943 in New York) is an US-American actor and producer.

Robert de Niro auf einer Pressekonferenz auf den Internationalen Filmfestspielen Berlin 1998
Robert de Niro on a press conference on the international film festivals Berlin 1998

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it its nut/mother Virginia admiral originates was a painter, his father Robert was a painter, sculptor and poet from a New Yorker artist family. Grew upDe Niro in New Yorker quarters the Little Italy on Manhattan. For the first time De Niro stood with ten years as a ängstlicher lion in the Zauberer of Oz on the stage. With 16 years he earned his first in a tour theatreCheque as actors in the piece of the bar of Anton Tschechow. De Niros first film was The Wedding party, 1963 by Brian De Palma turned, however only 1969 specified. But only 1973 became De Niro a film star. For itsHaven-guesses/advises the dying baseball player Bruce person in fears for the Drum Slowly won it the “New York film Critcs Award” as best actors. In the same year it turned under the direction of Martin Scorsese Mean Streets. Altogether De Niro playedin eight films of Scorsese, under it taxi Driver and GoodFellas. With his role as Vito Corleone (the recent expenditure of Marlon Brando) in Francis Ford Coppolas the godfather, part of II in the year 1974 won De Niro oneOSCAR as best Nebendarsteller and was promoted to the superstar. A OSCAR as best actors was there for its role in Martin Scorseses film like a savage bull. De Niro for the role of the aging Boxers put 27 kg in weight Jake La Motta in this film too. This applies until today as high point of the Method Acting.

De Niro applies together with Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson and aluminium Pacino as the best actor of the present. Its roles becamein the 70ern and 80ern, as the ambivalentesten and interesting at all outstandingly. Thus it turned for instance with Francis Ford Coppola, Bernardo Bertolucci, Sergio Leone, Terry Gilliam, Michael Cimino or Martin ride.

it put 1993 also In the roads of the Bronx its direction debut forwards. Also a New Yorker production company belongs to it named Tribeca. In order to support it, it aligns its film selection increasingly in the Mainstream and turned nearly only crime films and comedies, in thoseit its roles ever more frequently than Parodien of earlier roles put on. The last one of its six OSCAR nominating originates from the year 1991.

In November 2004 Robert De Niro on its farm in the Catskill Mountains has not far from New York to oneDivorce, which became valid never, his ten years younger Mrs. Grace Hightower for the second time married. Guests and witnesses at the marriage were director Martin Scorsese, Hollywood actress Meryl Streep and colleague Ben of quiet. From this connection, which was legalisiert 1997, that originates1998 born son Elliott.

The salient German synchronous voice comes from Christian Brückner.

Robert De Niro's waiting was in the 80's a hit of the Popgruppe Bananarama.

Robert De Niro, who is a large fan the British skirt volume Queen,skirt You has responsibility itself also as Mitproduzent for the musical incoming goods wants, which belongs also to most successful productions at all. At present it runs among other things in London and Cologne.




  • 1993 - In the roads of the Bronx (A Bronx Tale)
  • 2001 - The Score (not in remove mentioned)
  • 2006 - The Good Shepherd



  • 1973: New York filmCritics Circle: Best Supporting Actor, Mean Streets and fear for the Drum Slowly
  • 1973: National Society OF film Critics: Best Supporting Actor, Mean Streets
  • 1974: OSCAR: Best Supporting Actor, The Godfather: Part II
  • 1976: New York film Critics Circle: Best Actor,Taxi Driver
  • 1976: Of Los Angeles film Critics Association: Best Actor, taxi Driver
  • 1976: National Society OF film Critics: Best Actor, taxi Driver
  • 1980: New York film Critics Circle: Best Actor, like a savage bull (Raging bulletin)
  • 1980: Of Los Angeles filmCritics Association: Best Actor, like a savage bull (Raging bulletin)
  • 1980: National board OF Review: Best Actor, like a savage bull (Raging bulletin)
  • 1980: Golden Globe: Best Actor in A Motion Picture (drama), like a savage bull (Raging bulletin)
  • 1980:OSCAR: Best Actor, like a savage bull (Raging bulletin)
  • 1987: Theatre World Award for, Cuba and His teddy Bear
  • 1990: New York film Critics: Best Actor, GoodFellas and Awakenings
  • 1990: National board OF Review: Best Actor, Awakenings
  • 1993: Venice filmFestival: Career Award

Academy Awards


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