Robert Förster

Robert Förster (* 27. January 1978 in Mark clover mountain) is a German professional cyclist. It is 1.77 m largely and weighs 81 kg. Förster is since 2001 professional. Before it changed to the team Gerolsteiner, with which it drives at present, stood it at the team Nürnberger under contract.

Its largest success was victories with Groningen Münster 2003, 2004 and the German vice-master title 2005. In addition it could with the giro d'Italia with good placements (and. A. Results before Alessandro Petacchi) convince. After the Dopingaffäre around the Sprinter Danilo Honshu in the spring 2005 it became the number unity Sprinter of the team Gerolsteiner. In July 2005 it participated then to for the first time in the route de France . There it could mix together in some Sprintentscheidungen, as the best placement reached it rank 7 on the 13. Stage from Miramas to Montpellier. During the round travel it in addition daily reports for the Internet offerer wrote.


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