Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp (* 16. May 1946 in Wimborne Minster, county Dorset, England) is a British guitarist, composer and a philosopher. It became particularly by its determining role in the British progressive skirt - volume King Crimson admits.

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Fripp began its musical career as a member of Giles, Giles and Fripp [1], the 1968 an album published. With several members these volumes it created 1969 King Crimson, whose only constant member remained he by the eventful development for that through volume. In the “dwell phases” that volume published it numerous solo albums, played as a guest musician with different musicians, created a guitar school (Guitar Craft) and a disk company (Discipline global mobile (DGM)).

Together with Brian Eno it developed 1972 one as “Frippertronics” designated method for sound production, which modifies the tape experiments of Steve realm. For the production of “Frippertronics” two tape recorders (Revox A77) are used: The first equipment notes the input signal coming from the guitar. The tape goes through then the second equipment. From there the signal is shown and added to the input signal in the first tape-unit. The originally produced clay/tone is thus repeated (“geloopt”) and supplemental by the new clay/tone of the instrument. Together with Brian Eno the brought in albums NO Pussyfooting and Evening star on basis of this technology developed.

Later Fripp replaced the mechanical loop technology of the “Frippertronics” by the employment of guitar Synthesizern and called in such a way produced sounds Soundscapes. Fripp brought several solo albums in alone with Soundscapes. Its sound experiments are also on productions of other artists to find (among other things Midge Ure, Breathe).

Fripp is considered to spleenig intellectual rock musician as “very English”, - already into the Siebzigern it became in the music press “Mr. Spock OF skirt " mentioned. It is a trailer of John Godolphin Bennett and its teachings, which in its whole attitude and particularly also in the program of the guitar school created by it (Guitar Craft) becomes recognizable. In fan circles admits is mentioned its Aphorismen more or less succeeded , Frippisms.

Some selected musicians, with whom Fripp in the course of its career co-operated, are Peter Hammill (Van of the Graaf generator), Adrian Belew, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, David Sylvian, Andy of buzzer, Tony Levin and David Bowie, Greg Lake (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), which before bassist and singers with King Crimson were, as well as John Paul Jones.

Robert Fripp is since that 16. May 1986 with the musician and Produzentin Toyah Willcox marries.

In the year 2005 it was assigned by the company Microsoft to compose the sound TRACK (the sounds of system) for Windows Vista.

selected Frippisms

  • “Our present position is A bridge between the new ones and the old Worlds. This position is hazardous because incoming goods of acres building the bridge while crossing it. “
  • “Music is A quality organized in sound.”
  • “Things of acres emergency as bath as they seem. They of acres worse than that. They of acres thus more better than that. “
  • “Music is A benevolent presence constantly and readily available tons all. ”


  • 1968 - The Cheerful Insanity OF Giles, Giles, and Fripp
  • 1973 - NO Pussyfooting (with Brian Eno)
  • 1975 - Evening star (with Brian Eno)
  • 1979 - Exposure
  • 1981 - God save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners
  • 1981 - The League OF Gentlemen (as The League OF Gentlemen)
  • 1981 - Let the power case: At album OF Frippertronics
  • 1982 - I Advance Masked (with Andy of buzzer)
  • 1984 - Bewitched (with Andy of buzzer)
  • 1985 - network
  • 1985 - God save the King (with The League OF Gentlemen)
  • 1986 - The League OF Crafty Guitarists live one
  • 1986 - The lady or the tigers (with Toyah Willcox)
  • 1993 - The roofridge Day (with David Sylvian)
  • 1993 - Kings
  • 1994 - The Bridge Between
  • 1994 - 1999 Soundscapes: Live in Argentina
  • 1994 - Damage (with David Sylvian)
  • 1995 - Intergalactic Boogie express: Live one in Europe…
  • 1995 - A Blessing OF Tears: 1995 Soundscapes, volume. 2 (live)
  • 1995 - Radiophonics: 1995 Soundscapes, volume. 1 (live)
  • 1996 - That Which of passport: 1995 Soundscapes, volume. 3 (live)
  • 1997 - November Suite: 1996 Soundscapes - live one RK Green park station
  • 1997 - Pie Jesu
  • 1998 - The gate OF of Paradise
  • 1998 - Lightness: Music for the Marble Palace
  • 1999 - The Repercussions OF Angelic Behavior (with Bill Rieflin and Trey Gunn)
  • 2004 - The Equatorial of star (with Brian Eno)
  • 2006 - sounds for Microsoft Windows Vista

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