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Robert Gernhardt with a reading in the Evangelist pin Tübingen

Robert Gernhardt (* 13. December 1937 in Reval, today Tallinn, Estonia) is a German writer, poet, an essayist, a draughtsman and a painter. At the beginning of its career Gernhardt used occasionallythe aliases „Lützel Jeman “and „Norbert Gamsbart “.

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Robert Gernhardt was born 1937 as a son of a judge in Reval. The family moved 1939 to floats. 1945 fellthe father in the war; the nut/mother fled Andreas over Thuringia with her sons Robert, by and to bite village with Hanover. 1946 came the family to Goettingen. After conclusion of its education Gernhardt painting and Germanistik in Stuttgart and Berlin studied 1956.

By April 1964 until December 1965 Gernhardt was an editor of the satire magazine Pardon, where it was 1964 one the joint founder of the column world in the mirror, which appeared until 1976 and which newer humoristic literature affected substantially. Since 1964 it livesas freelance painters, draughtsmen, caricaturist and writers in Frankfurt/Main. 1965 he married the painter Almut Ullrich, which died 1989. 1990 were received Gernhardt a second marriage with Almut Gehebe .

Into the 1980er years was Gernhardt together also Bernd express ore and Peter Knorr as a CO author of various shows, books and films of Otto Waalkes actively (the book OTTO, PETROL the film, PETROL the new film, PETROL the homeland film).

Gernhardt had a set of exhibitions and exhibition participationamong other things in Berlin, Frankfurt/Main, Basel and Regensburg. It is member of the German artist federation. Together with F.W. Amber, F.K. A guard, Chlodwig Poth, hitting a corner hard Henscheid, Bernd express ore, Peter Knorr and Hans Traxler is heJoint founder of the new Frankfurt ones school, whose publication organ became after the magazine Pardon the satire magazine Titanic; Gernhardt is as humor critics a prominent representative of this direction.

In the course of the 1990er years Gernhardt became increasingly as a poet admits. It is considered today asone of the most important contemporary poets of German language. Its work developed itself thereby from the Nonsense verses and excluding humoristic forms of the 1960er and 1970er years to a versatile lyric poetry, those all registers had and the Gernhardt further also alwaysby new tones extends. Since 2003 it reads a time-critical sonnet in the transmission pressure-freshly in the pool of broadcasting corporations regularly.

To its 68. Birthday is announced that it receives a Gastprofessur at the Heinrich Heine university to Duesseldorf.


  • The truth about Arnold strike, to Frankfurt A. M. 1966 (joint work with F. W. Amber and F.K. Guard).
  • Besternte harvest. Poems from fifteen years., Frankfurt A. M. 1976 (together with F. W. Amber)
  • the blouses of the Böhmen, Frankfurt A. M. 1977
  • the Magadaskar journey. A report, Frankfurt A. M. 1980
  • word lake (poems), Frankfurt A. M. 1981
  • I I I (novel), Zurich 1982
  • luck gloss fame (essay), 1983
  • Gernhardts narrations (picture stories), 1983
  • last oiling (satires), here
  • 1984the poet speaks. 120 picture poems, Zurich 1985
  • which ( thoughts on the literature), here 1985
  • do not remain speak the poet (picture poems), 1985
  • Schnuffis all adventures (picture stories), 1986
  • the Toscana therapy (play), 1986
  • tilting figure (narrations), 1986
  • it give correct life in the valschen (Humoresken), 1987
  • bodies in Cafés (poems), to laugh
  • 1987 which gibt's there? - Criticism of the Komiker, criticism of the critics, criticism of the Komik (essay), 1988
  • hears, hears! - The WimS Vorlesebuch (together with F. W. Amber), 1989
  • the Toscana therapy,(Radio play), to Germany radio 1989
  • Reim and time (poems), Stuttgart 1990
  • peep and deceit (narrations), 1991
  • switch of goals, 1994
  • poems 1954 - 94, Zurich 1996
  • light of poems, 1997
  • of the beautiful one, good one, cash one. Picture stories and picture poems, Zurich 1997
  • inTongues talk. Being correct imitations from God to Jandl, Frankfurt A.M. 2000
  • citizens of Berlin decimals. Capital poems, Zurich (Haffmans) 2001
  • the last draughtsman. Special book/essay, Fischer (Tb.), Frankfurt, 2001
  • in the luck and elsewhere. Poems, Frankfurt/M. (S. Fischer) 2002
  • the trap (narrations),Frankfurt/M. (Fischer paperback) 2003
  • heart in emergency. Poems, Frankfurt/M. (S. Fischer) 2004
  • the K-poems. Poems, Frankfurt/M. (S. Fischer) 2004
  • the edge figure cabinet doctor of Thomas man. Barbara hoping master + Robert Gernhardt, Frankfurt/M. (S. Fischer) of 2005
  • collected poems.Frankfurt/M. (S. Fischer) 2005


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