Robert Gilbert

Robert Gilbert (* 29. September 1899 in Berlin; † 20. March 1978 in Minusio/Switzerland; actually Robert David winter field) and was a German composer, text poet, a singer and an actor. Its father is max winter field, who called himself with artist names Jean Gilbert, its nut/mother is Modistin, a Hutmacherin.


in the last year of the 1. World war (1918) Robert's thinking, at this time is 19 years old, strongly affected by the Spartakusbund it. This coins/shapes lastingly its later political thinking. Since the family is, under its father successes with Operetten like the keusche Susanne and the cinema queen financially now quite well, Robert philosophy and history of art in Berlin and Freiburg studies in mash gau and is active in political demonstrations and in election campaigns of this time takes part.

But its talent begins itself to move. Since it would like to finally stand on own feet, it, first still together with its father, writes Operetten, varies, revues and hits. Also political Couplets like the Ballade of the Nigger Jim, the song of an unemployed person or later the stamp song which was promoted by Ernst Busch and Hanns Eisler to the political combat song.

Robert Gilbert in addition, one is simultaneous the most in demand Texter for the music films and composers of its time. Whether now for the directors and composers Frederick lion, Nico DOS valley, Hermann Leopoldi, Friedrich dutchman, Werner smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Heymann, Ralph Benatzky and Eric Charell become or for the actors Lilian Harvey , Willy Fritsch , Heinz resting man , Paul Hörbiger , Zarah Leander and Willi forest, always its songs enormous successes. It is 1933, the time of its largest work, when it must leave Germany by the Jew-hostile policy of the national socialists, since also it Jewish descent was. Over Austria and Paris he finally flees to New York, where he accepts 1944 also the American nationality.

Five years later Robert Gilbert returns to Germany, lives in Munich and continues its kompositorische activity. Thus he writes among other things the world hit Oh my dad dargebotenen by the most diverse interpreters.

He becomes again German citizen, moves however 1954 in the Tessin into the proximity of Lugano. Now Robert makes itself his English Sprachkenntnisse too uses and earns themselves its rolls as a translator of musical, under it My fair lady, Oklahoma, Hello Dolly and Annie GET Your Gun.

Robert Gilbert dies at the age of nearly 79 years in his house in Minusio in close proximity to Locarno.

following enumerating of its largest successes raises, is works no requirement on completeness it as composer or dear savingist:

  • Kathrin, you has the most beautiful legs of Berlin (to be first hit)
  • which can the Sigismund for the fact that it is so beautiful
  • in the salt chamber property, there kamma well merrily its
  • gibt´s only once, comes not again
  • on Sunday wants my sweet with me to sails to go
  • Annemarie (Operette, with father Jean Gilbert 1925)
  • Lene, Lotte, Liese - Josefines of daughters (piece of people, with father Jean Gilbert 1926)
  • the easy Isabell (Operette, 1926)
  • pit pit (burleske Operette, 1927)
  • Äffchen (Operette 1928)
  • Prosit Gipsy (musical comedy 1929)
  • in the white Rössl (Singspiel), music from Ralph Benatzky; musical inserts of Robert Gilbert, Bruno Granichstaedten, Robert pride and Hans Frankowski, libretto of the composer as well as Hans's Mueller and Erik Charell, after Oskar Blumenthal and Gustav Kadelburg; 1930)
  • Strammer boy arrived (vary with music 1953)

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