Robert Hill (natural scientist)

Sir Robert Hill (* 2. April 1899 in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire; † 15. March 1991) was a British biochemist.

Hill studied chemistry at the University of Cambridge, England from 1919 to 1922. It became from the university afterits study taken over. He worked on „the depot OF Biochemistry” on the University of wrote 1937 for the first time over its attempts in „Nature “ (139 S. 881–882; Oxygen produced by isolated chloroplasts) and in „Proceeding Royal Society London “(127B, 1939, S. 192–210; function OF the two cytochromecomponents in chloroplasts). From 1943 to 1966 it was member „of the Agricultural Research Council”.

Hills life's work

1937 stated Robert Hill that isolated Chloroplasten in presence of reducing connections (z. B. Iron oxalate, ferricyanide, Benzochinon) under light influence oxygen set free. The reaction went as Hill reaction into the literature .

The reaction formula of its theory reads:

+ 2 A → light, Chloroplasten → 2 AH 2 + O 2 A e.g. stands for 2

H 2 O for an electron acceptor. Iron III (FeIII). The reaction equation became then as follows reads:

2 H 2O + 4 Fe (III) → light, Chloroplasten → 4 Fe (II) + O 2 + 4 H +

this procedure is connected with a preceding Fotolyse of the water.

4 H 2 O → light, Chloroplasten → 4 H + + 4 OH

by this statement Hillsit was finally proven that:

  • Oxygen without simultaneous reduction carbon dioxide develops
  • for oxygen from water and not from carbon dioxide is formed
  • the enzymes of the photosynthesis in the Chloroplasten located is
  • the light reaction in the transfer of an electron onto an electron acceptor in relation to a chemical Energiegefälle takes place

the statement,the fact that the set free oxygen follows from splitting the water became later from M. Edge universe, Samuel carrots, Martin and J. came. L. Hyde affirm. They used water with heavy oxygen (H 2 O 18), which was split by a Chlorella cell suspension. This heavy oxygen could are proven. Efraim Racker (Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.) found out that the light energy can be replaced by addition of connections high-energy.


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