Robert MON-ago-wave

Robert MON-ago-wave (* 24. January 1915 in Aberdeen, Washington; † 16. July 1991 in Provincetown, Massachusetts) was an American painter of the Surrealismus and abstract expressionism.

Its designs and large sized painting are by dominant factorblack indication setting coined/shaped. Starting from the 60's an approximation to the Color Field Painting of M. found. Louis on. MON-ago-wave was one of the most important representatives of the American abstract expressionism. Usually we it the Action Painting assigned, is considered however as that rather “intellectualCounterpart " to painters such as Jackson pole LOCK. It created 1948 together with William Baziotes, Mark of Rothko and bar-nicely Newman the art school “Subjects OF the Artists”.

works (selection)

  • 1944 Mallarmés swan, (Cleveland museum OF kind)
  • 1948-1991 picture series“Elegie on the Spanish republic”, approx. 170 variations over a topic, released by the poem “Llanto por Ignacia Sanchez Meijas” of Frederico García Lorca and its murder by Falangists of 1936
  • 1960 summers in Italy, state State of Stuttgart

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