Robert Oettel

Karl Robert Oettel (* 23. November 1798 in Görlitz; † 14. March 1884), was a buyer, city delegate and founder of the German race poultry breeding.

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Robert Oettel originated from an outstanding Görlitzer buyer family. After completion of its school time it took up commercial teachings to Dresden. Afterwards Oettel was active in Frankfurt and became acquainted with there its wife. To the wedding it returned to Görlitz and already took over that 1406 created paternal commercial transaction under the name of “brothers Oettel”. 44 years long he was a city delegate in Görlitz.


Oettel was a buyer and only from hobby chicken breeder. It justified however the race poultry breeding in Germany and imported for the first time asiatic chicken races (Cochin, Brahma). These asiatic chickens were wüchsige meat chickens of large figuration and color variety, which put eggs also in the winter. That was a large progress, gave it up to then nevertheless only light land chickens with season-bound putting activity. Oettel created „the Hühnerologi association Görlitz “, the first poultry breeding association in Germany. The term „hühnerologisch “was selected obviously full self irony. The association counted already in the third year after the establishment 600 members.



of the Dresdens sculptors Reinhard Schnauder sketched the monument for Robert Oettel, which was established in the plants of the city Görlitz, nearby the station of the park railway. To 15. June 1901, after a ceremonial address of its grandchild August Kienitz, was revealed the raw granite block with the large bronze relief picture Robert Oettels.


its birth house in Görlitz, at the Untermarkt 2, is occupied with a long and moved history, in 13. Century back is enough. To the 100-jährigen existence of it to 18. October 1852 of created „Hühnerologi association Görlitz “was attached a Gedenktafel in honours Robert Oettels.

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