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Charles Robert Redford (* 18. August 1937 in Santa Monica, California) is an US-American actor and director.

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Robert Redford buildup in simple conditions. Due to its outstanding sporty achievements it received a scholarship of the University OF Colorado to 1955. Since it failed however in nearly all other subjects, it had to terminate its study after two years.In the future Redford at depressions suffered and began to drink. It kept itself financial with smaller jobs on the oil fields of Los Angeles over water. it went to 1958 for some months to Paris and Florenz and visited there severalArt schools.

Back in the USA he married Lola Jean van Wegenen and studied theatre Design at the New Yorker Pratt of institutes. The advice of a teacher following it starting from 1959 in addition the American Academy OF drama TIC visited kind, at which itits passion for the looking plaything discovered. Its first roles had it into Broadway - productions Tall story and Little Moon OF Alban. it gave its canvas debut to 1962 in behind hostile lines. While Redford at the theatre celebrated large successes, cameits film career only heavily on; until 1966 it landed a flop after the other one. Ever more frequently he withdrew himself with his family to Spain and Crete , in order to escape from the success pressure Hollywoods.

All of this changed, as it 1967 in the film version of the play barefoot in the park participated, which became a large public success. It played this role since 1963 also at Broadway. Its Partnerin in the film was Jane Fonda. The final break-through succeeded to it two years laterwith a title part in Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. For this it stood for the first time together with Paul Newman before the camera, with whom it is today closely friendly until. A further success film of the Duos was the Clou of 1973. After main roles in the large Gatsby and the three days CONDOR Redford played 1976 beside Dustin Hoffman into the incorruptible ones, whom it also produced.

it created 1980 in park town center, Utah, the Sundance film of institutes, which it designated after its role in Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. A goal of this institute is the promotion of independent film producers and their works. Since 1984 the annual Sundance film festival takes place, its own TV-transmitter already is inPlanning.

In 1980er years was Redford beside films such as Brubaker, which uncompromising ones and the other world of Africa, in which it participated as an actor, also behind the camera actively. For its direction debut a completely normal family it became 1981 with the OSCAR excellently, he received 1995 than director and Koproduzent for Quiz show to two further OSCAR nominating. A renewed large success became its adaptation of the novel of the Pferdeflüsterer of 1998. 2002 became Robert Redford film work with the honour OSCARappreciated.

The engaged environmentalist was from 1958 to 1985 married with Lola Jean van Wegenen, with whom he has four children, one of it died at sudden child death. Since 1999 it is with the German painter Sibylle Szaggars together.

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on quotations As A director, I like ME as actor. As actor, I wouldn't on like ME as A director.

Democracy is the right for disagree (Redford, Sept. 2001 CNN)



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