Robert trunk

Robert trunk (* 16. July 1900, † 4. November 1937) was of Bremen a German politician and realm tag delegate of the KPD and a victim of the LV regime.

Already with 14 years Robert trunk engaged itself in the socialist youth in the Bergi country. He became a Werkzeugschlosser and followed 1917 in its training period the Spartakusbund around Karl dear farmhand and pink Luxembourg . 1920 it participated in the defense fights against the cut Putsch . 1926 he became an editor with different communist newspapers in the Rhine Ruhr district. 1931 to 1933 it led the KPD district northwest in Bremen. In order to escape its threatening arrest, it shifted its political activity in May 1933 to Hanover, 1934 to Berlin. It became to 27. March 1935 of the Gestapo arrested and because of “preparation to the high treason “from the people's court to death condemns and to 4. November 1937 in the prison yard of Plötzensee on the scaffold beheads.


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