Robert Sterl

Robert gentleman Mr. Sterl (* 23. June 1867 in Grossdobritz, today Dresden - Dobritz; † 10. January 1932) was a German painter.

Robert Sterl
Robert Sterl
Elbebaggerer, 1905
Ernst von Schuch directs the Rosenkavalier of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch, 1912

Robert gentleman Mr. Sterl counts apart from max dear man, max of Slevogt and Lovis Corinth to the important representatives of the German Impressionismus. After the study at the Dresdener academy of arts, which he left as a master pupil 1890, Sterl of its hometown to to its end of life remained connected. Thus it belonged also around the turn of the century with William Claudius to the artist circle in the artist colony Goppeln. Almost three decades long it exerted crucial influence on the Saxonian art scene as a professor of the academy of arts up to its death. Not only the Interieur of the turn of the century in that 1914 - 1920 established studio house with garden plant, but also the library as well as the extensive personal and artistic deduction Robert Sterls educate a singular, irreparable ensemble.

Beside numerous landscapes of the early work developed in Hessen above all the Russian Reiseimpressionen as well as the furiose picture of the famous Dresdener impress conductor “Ernst von Schuch in the orchestra “from 1908. Robert Sterl was time life an in demand portrait painter. One of its Hauptwerke, 1917 developed haven-guesses/advises the yard archivist Dr. Otto Posse, is to be seen in the studio. With the Elbsandsteingebirge Sterl is particularly connected as painters the quarry and stone crusher. It supplies with its authentic and vital representations besides impressive certification of the work and technology history.

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  • 1867 born as a son stone-cutter Friedrich William Sterl
  • 1873 to 1881 attendance of the people's highschool in Dresden
  • 1881 to 1891 study at the royal academy of the forming arts in Dresden
  • 1887 to 1904 actively as landscape painters, haven guessingist and Illustrator
  • 1894 initial member „of the association of educating artists “(= Dresden secession)
  • 1906 appointment as the professor
  • 1913 to 1930 member of the gallery commission, later the gallery adviser Dresden
  • 1915 appointment to the member of the academic advice
  • of 1918 joint founders of the artist advice for the reformation of the Dresdener of art life, employment for student advice at the academy of arts Dresden
  • 1919 purchase of the house in Naundorf and appointment to the foreign member of the citizens of Berlin academy that Arts
  • 1923 study professor at the Dresdener academy of arts
  • 1932 death to 10. January in its house, funeral on the Naundorfer property


  • the University of Leipzig (1927)


  • of 1887 African in the half act
  • 1908 Ernst von Schuch in the orchestra
  • 1910 market place in Nishni Nowgorod

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