Robert Woodrow Wilson

Robert Woodrow Wilson (* 10. January 1936 in Houston/Texas) is an US-American physicist and Nobelpreisträger for physics.

Wilson studied institutes OF Technology to the Rice University and at the California.

It received 1978 together with Arno Penzias the Nobelpreis for physics “for the discovery of the cosmic microwaves - background radiation “(English.: Cosmic Microwave Background, CMB). The two made this discovery by accident in the year 1964 during it to that Bell laboratories in Holmdel, new jersey on a new kind of antenna worked. They discovered a background rush in the atmosphere, which they could not explain themselves. After they had released the antenna from pigeon dirt, the noise however, it remained in the final result as the cosmic background radiation was identified. This is understood as an experimental confirmation the Big Bang - theory. Wilson and Penzias won besides the Henry Draper medal 1977.

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