Roberto Ayala

Roberto Fabián Ayala (* 12. April 1973 in Paraná in the south of Argentina) is an Argentine football player, at present plays it in the Spanish Primera División with the fiber plastic Valencia. Roberto Ayala is considered at present as one of the best defense protection against the world.

Afterwards Ayala played at the beginning of its career for Ferrocarril Oeste (1991-94) and at the club Atlético River Plate (1994-95). The money lured it afterwards at the end of the season 1994/95 to Europe to the SSC Napoli (1995-98) and to the AC Milan (1998-2000). As first Argentinier for more than 30 years with the AC Milan it sat mostly on the bank. In the first season with Milan it only 13 times begun, altogether made for Ayala with the citizens of Milan only 24 plays. In the summer 2000 he signed for one replaces from 6.5 million euro a three-year contract with fiber plastic Valencia and was by outstanding achievements guarantor for the fact that Valencia in 38 plays took only 34 gates. In the final game of the UEFA champion League the fiber plastic Valencia with Ayala was subject to the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich after penalty shootout. In the following year won Ayala with Valencia the Spanish championship.

For the Argentine national soccer team Ayala debütierte in November 1994. It won the gold medal with Argentina with the olympic plays 2004. It played with the soccer world championship 1998 and hurt themselves when warming up before the first WM-play 2002 against Nigeria and could not therefore at the WM 2002 in Japan and South Korea any longer be used. Early separating of Argentina is attributed also to the absence of Ayala. Altogether Ayala played so far 99 times for Argentina and obtained 6 gates.

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