Roberto bathing Powell de Aquino

bathing Powell de Aquino, briefly bathing Powell (* 6. August 1937 in Itaperuna/Varre e Sai; † 26. September 2000 in Rio de Janeiro) was one of the most important Brazilian guitarists.

With seven it began guitarto play and classical guitar studied and acquired a diploma at the conservatoire in Rio up to the four tenth Lebensjahr. With fifteen he was a professional musician, with twenty began he successfully to compose. For its musical development its father Lilo, its teacher Jaime Florence was important, as well asthe poets Vinicius de Moraes and Paulo Cesar Pinheiro, with which the most well-known Brazilian songs of their time developed. They belong today to the classical authors. The largest kompositorische contribution were the “OS-Afro Sambas “, to which 1966 with Vinicius de Moraes originated in. The German jazz critic Joachim seriousness BerendtPowell took up several plates with bathing, which received attention large in Europe. Its recordTristeza on Guitar “became 1966 an international success. 1967 got Berendt it to the citizen of Berlin jazz days. This appearance was at the same time the prelude to a very successful careerin Europe.1970 undertook a “bathing Powell Quartet " a first European and Japan tour, which were enthusiastisch celebrated in the press. Many record publications show an experimenting and improvising musician, who also baroque - modulations into its synthesis of Samba and jazz to merge knew. In thosePhotographs of high musical importance, which represent a fusion of afro Brazilian and European music culture, developed for days. Co-operation with Berendt ended 1971. The influence of the jazz remained, but the Brazilian roots in its music began to dominate its plates. The virtuose mixture of the styles makesthe attraction of its early plates out. Bathe Powell enjoyed as one of the world-best acoustic guitarists world-wide acknowledgment and was considered as “secrettap” among the connoisseurs of the music scene.

Center of the seventies fell bathing Powell into a serious health crisis, and the public appearances and photographs became more rarely. 1983 pulledit with its wife and its two sons to Baden-Baden and lived there for some years withdrawn. The solo concerts in Europe could tie a short time to earlier successes. Returned to Brazil it took up 1988 the album “Rio the Valsas”, which a large gitarristischeAtmosphere and density exhibited, and its guitar play to ripe ones had increased. He dedicated himself also a Philippe bathing and Louis Marcel to the musical training of his sons. In May 2000 it published one of its last albums - “Lembrancas”, which is the age work of a large master of the Brazilian guitar.

Its sons, Louis Marcel and Philippe bathing Powell de Aquino, are both likewise well-known musicians.


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