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Roberto Blanco (* 7. June 1937 in Tunis; civil Roberto Zerquera) is a German hit singer and actor.

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Roberto Blanco became as a son of the Cuban folklore and Varieté artist Alfonso Zerquera and its wife Mercedes Blanco to 7. June 1937 in Tunis born. It buildup however in Beirut and Madrid . Its nut/mother died already, when it was two years. After the education it began to study the study in Madrid medicine, fallow however after two terms again off.

it played 1957 in the film “the star of Africa” also. Its singing career began Blanco with Josephine Baker. Into the 1960ern he became hit star and stepped in different films (among other things All humans become brothers after Johannes Mario Simmel and three men in the snow after Erich Kästner) up. 1969 it won the German hit festivals with the title today so, tomorrow in such a way. In the future it took up some hit records and had 1972 with a little fun must be and the doll players of Mexico its largest successes. Blanco was guest in numerous music transmissions of the television, among them several times in the Second Channel of German Television hit parade.

1973 he got his own Fernsehshow “today so, tomorrow in such a way”. 1979 applied Blanco with Eurovision the Song Contest. Its title Samba SI! Work NO! reached place 4 of the German preliminary decision.

1980 it with the Spielshow “notes for two” successors of Rudi Carrells “at the current volume”, but was set off the transmission 1982 after four consequences on own desire. Further transmissions with Blanco were “Roberto - one evening with Roberto Blanco” and “music is my world” (both in the pool of broadcasting corporations). it went to 1986 for the first time to Cuba, where it 1987 as a first foreign artist an own Show block in the “Tropicana” - revue in Havanna received.

Into the 1990er years arose it together with Tony marshal with tendency songs. One of their largest common hits was Resi brings beer. The German television (MDR) dedicated 1997 an anniversary transmission to him, in which the uncontrollable Marlène Charell, which it had to give itself in the Mambotanz struck, in addition, Roger Pappini, Peter Kraus and other prominent one arose. 1994 it was active also as a producer. The album “Por appeared does amor” with Songs in its Spanish native language and musicians from South America. He is in the last years also continuous guest with the numerous hit old IE meetings, so for instance with the annual hit festival of radio Bremen, with which he welcomes its own hits brought and also numerous of its colleagues.

Since the turn of the century Blanco is main advertising media and jet set shape. 2004 communicated his Mrs. Mireille after forty marriage years the divorce, however both reconciled themselves again. For its life slogan a little fun must be is characteristic that this reconciliation continued not for a long time and he presented a new lady at his side to 2006 as a life companion. Its wife lives momentarily in Switzerland.

Its daughter is the likewise gesanglich ambitionierte Patricia Blanco.

success title

  • 1957 Jesebell
  • 1957 whether black, whether white
  • 1969 must be today 1972 a little
  • fun 1972 the doll player of
  • Mexico 1974 I come in such a way
  • in such a way , tomorrow back to Amarillo
  • 1978 who drink already gladly the wine alone
  • 1978 Viva Maria
  • 1990 Resi bring beer (Crazy for you), together with Tony marshal



  • 1972 of read Vegas after Amarillo
  • 1973 a little fun must be

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