Robin Trower

Robin Trower (* 9. March 1945 in Catford, England) is an English guitarist and rock musician.

Admits became it by the Paramounts and starting from 1967 with Procol Harum. It left those volume 1971, created 1972 with Frankie Miller, Clive shelter and James Dewar the group Jew, which remained unsuccessful. In the year 1973 it created volume under its name, which had in music the sound of guitar of Jimi Hendrix to the model and later developed further. The first three albums were produced by Matthew Fisher and were very successful in the USA. Starting from 1980 he worked with changing musicians, among other things with Jack Bruce. He took part 1991 in the reunification of Procol Harum and participated on the album The Prodigal Stranger. Subsequently, it concentrated itself its solo career. The bassist and singer James Dewar in May 2002 deceased. It has a solo album Stumbledown novel cerium taken up under the production of Matthew Fisher, which desires today under collecting tanks muchis.


Robin Trower - guitar

James Dewar - bass, singing

move Isidore - Schlagzeug


  • 1973 Twice Removed From Yesterday
  • 1974 Bridge OF Sighs
  • 1975 For Earth Below
  • 1975 live one
  • 1976 Long Misty Days
  • 1977 in town center Dreams
  • 1978 caravan ton of Midnight
  • 1979 Victims OF The Fury
  • 1981 B.L.T.
  • 1981 Truce
  • 1983 bake It UP
  • 1984 Beyond The muck
  • 1987 passion
  • 1988 Take What You Need
  • 1990 in The LINE OF Fire
  • 1994 20th Century Blues
  • 1997 Someday Blues
  • 1999 This which Now (74-98)
  • 2000 Go My Way
  • 2003 Living Out OF Time


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