Robinho (* 25. January 1984 in São Vicente; actually Robson de Souza) is a Brazilian football player (Stürmer).

Robinho is famous for its breath-robbing Dribblings and is characterised apart from its technology particularly by its speed. So far it played 22 times for the Brazilian Seleção (conditions 13. April 2006).

It began its career with the legendary fiber plastic Santos in Brazil, with which it won two championships and 2003 the final of the Copa Libertadores reached. Already with 20 years it was the vielumjubelte Topstar of the Brazilian league. In July 2005 it succeeded material to Madrid at tough negotiations lasting for weeks, the umworbene Stürmertalent of its master club loose iron. Thus Robinho plays since the season 2005/06 in the Spanish Primera División for the royal ones.

Already before the adjustment of its change in Spain already non-original leotards in the new white Arbeitsdress of Robinho with the number 8 were offered for the sales. A bad investment for the buyers, how placed itself out, because Robinho got the back number 10 with material finally assigned.

Some months before its change too material the young soccer player was put to Madrid still to a hard personal test, when its nut/mother Marina of Kidnappern was kidnapped and was kept 40 days long imprisoned. To 17. December 2004 took the kidnapping however a lucky end: Marina was left again free in the arm quarter by Perús (São Paulo) against payment of a ransom.


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