Humanoider robot ASIMO
portal robot with linear guidance

robots are machines, which fulfill autonomously a certain task. Often also remote controlled vehicles are designated falsely or for lack of a more suitable term than „robots “.

The designation goes back on the slawische wordfor work (robota). The word robota, which means on Czech work, is used today in some more modern slawischen languages rather in the sense by Maloche.

„Robots “in its current meaning the Czech writer Karel Čapek coined/shaped the expression, which wrote satires over the technical progress, already 1920 in its play R.U.R. (Rossum's universal Robots) “. In the drama robots in tanks were as Fronarbeiter and/or slaves bred humans (Androiden). Before the coinage of this term robots becamefor example in the works of Stanisław Lem as automats or semiautomatons designates. In 1926 the published film Metropolis for the first time a robot was shown in a film.

A further well-known Vordenker in things robotics was Isaac Asimov. Throughits Science Fiction narrations came the Humanoide robot in the 40's 20. Century to the world. Asimov justified the shape, which he had given to his robots, as follows:

If a machine can make everything, what humans can do, it hasat the best also the shape of humans (...).

Asimov wrote also the robot laws, which have military robots to today still validity within all ranges of the robotics, exception.

The term „robots “describes a widespread area.

Der Spielzeugroboter Aibo im Turnier
of the toy robots Aibo in the tournament

current developments of the robotics begin in competitions against each other, the robot football.

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definition changein the course of the time

the term with the time strongly changed robots. Thus defined new Brockhaus of 1959 a robot as artificial humans, who do the movements, which it carries out, apparently independently, what after at that timeDefinition z. B. by a wireless transmission to be made possible can.


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