Smell Amboise Augusts Bébian

smell Amboise Augusts Bébian (* 4. August 1789 with Pointe à Pitre (also Ponte à Pitre written), Guadeloupe, † 24. February 1839 Pointe à Pitre), is regarded as the first hearing person in France, whom the bearing language at that time perfectly like a native speaker controlled. As such published it 1822 “Mimographie”, which contains a description of the “natural indications” on the basis the Transkriptionsverfahrens developed by it.

It was sent to the successor de l'Epées by its father from the Karibikinsel Guadeloupe to France to its godfather Abbé smell Ambroise Cucurron Sicard, to “institution national one of the Sourds Muets de Paris” for a gymnasiale education. This subordinated it the guidance by the Abbé Jauffret. After a later brilliant study at the Lycée Charlemagne in Paris dedicated itself to Bébian the study of the teaching methods for deaf pupils. It followed the instructions of Abbé Sicard and co-operated therein with the deaf teachers Jean Massieu, Ferdinand Berthier and Laurent Clerc .

At the “institution national one of the Sourds Muets de Paris”, he endeavored particularly around the advancement and specifying of the bearing language and published themselves as result its first book, “Essai sur les sourds muets et sur le langage naturel” (1817) as well as its most well-known work, the “Mimographie” (1822) and further works. Appointments as a director at schools for pigeon in pc. Petersburg and New York town center rejecting, he created a similar institute in Paris at the splendour road Montparnasse, later became he a director of the school of Rouen and went finally back to Guadeloupe, where he created a school for the black ones. For the work “Eloge historique de l'abbé de l'Epée” (1819) it won the price of the Academy of Sciences.

literary works:

  • “Essai sur les sourds muets et sur le langage naturel”, Paris 1817
  • “Mimographie”, Paris 1822
  • “Manuel d'enseignement pratique sourds muets”, Paris 1822
  • “L'éducation sourds muets bad its la a portée instituteurs of the primaires and de tous les parents”

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