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Over class: Kiefermäuler (Gnathostomata)
row: Fish (Pisces)
class: Cartilage fish (Chondrichtyes)
subclass: Plattenkiemer (Elasmobranchii)
putting above:Skates and sawing fish
scientific name

skate are fish from the class of the cartilage fish. They possess one strongly dorsoventral flattened body and large Brustflossen, which grew together with the head. The muzzle, the nostrils, as well as five Kiemenspaltenpaare are upthe flattened usually bright lower surface, which also angel face is called. The tail is usually whip-like taken off. Most skates are sea fish, it give however also some kinds, which live in fresh water. The top side is adapted to the respective habitat of the skate, can thus of sand colors speckleduntil black are enough. On the top side eyes and the openings are by those the water for breathing penetrate.

Most skates nourish themselves of shells, cancers and Stachelhäutern.

Most well-known the Mantarochen ( Manta birostris) might be. Further in Central Europe occurringSkates are:Nail skates, marble skates, star skates, mark skates and Kuckucksrochen, which belong to the family of the genuine skates (Rajidae). Larger extents reach the eagle skate (family of the Myliobatidae) with a span of up to 2,50 m and a max. Length of 5 m (with intactTail) and the Stechrochen (family of the Dasyatidae) with width of up to 2,10 m and a length of up to 5,50 M.

A characteristic places the family of the trembling skates (also as a torpedo skate designated) (Torpedinidae), those with the help of an electrical organ (Elektroplax)from converted muscles booty by means of electrical discharges of 60-230 V and over 30 ampere of lame can.

Skate wings are a speciality of the Portuguese kitchen.


systematics of the skates are strongly disputed and to constant revisions exposed. Wikipedia follows here fish cousin.

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