Rochus cock

Rochus “Robi” cock” (* 16. April 1960) is a German Comic - and film script author.

Cock created 1978 together with Michael “Mille” Möller and Michael “Bildermicky” strikes the COMIC LABORATORY, from which 1982 the Underground magazine “people blood” appearing since then came out. Under the artist name “Robi” works Rochus cock since that time as Szenarist for the magazine. Besides it is since 1999 together with Michael Möller publisher of the own Comicverlags black tower. Here expenditures for license appear like “Stray Bullets “, in addition, German Independent productions like” refuge “of vulture and “Alraune “of tonuses Greis, both text of cock cares for. Then it began series of “Arsinoe “with the work on a further Erotikreihe, that with many elements of the Egyptian Mytholgie verwobenen.

Beyond that Rochus cock under the alias “refuge Brack” end of the 80's was to be seen as moderator of the RTL transmission “Catch UP”, in which Wrestlingkämpfe were presented.

In the main profession as a film script author cock is both within the series range (moved men) and in the cinema actively. Its probably most well-known work is the film script to Sönke of word man success film the miracle of Berne over the football WM 1954.

Cock lives with its family in Frankfurt/Main.

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Filmografie (film script author)

work (Comicautor)


  • Alraune volume 1
  • Alraune volume 2
  • Alraune volume 3
  • Alraune volume 4
  • Alraune volume 5
  • Alraune volume 6
  • Alraune volume 7
  • Alraune Volume 8
  • Alraune Portfolio


  • volume 1 “have-hear”
  • volume 2 “Sekhmet”
  • volume 3 “Toeris”
  • volume 4 “Bastet”

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