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Wappen geogr. Lage von Rockenhausen
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Thunder mountain circle
convention community: Skirt-live
surface: 36.84 km ²
inhabitants: 5.888 (August 2004)
population density: 159 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: 67806
preselection: 06361
Kfz characteristics: KIB
of the city administration:
District office road 7
67806 skirt living
mayor: Karl-Heinz sea-soon (SPD)
town councillor:
(Choice to 13. June 2004)
SPD 49.8% (+1,1) - 11 seats (=)
CDU 30.4% (- 5.0) - 7 seats (- 1)
FDP 11.9% (+1,3) - 2 seats (=)
WGR 8.0% (+2,7) - 2 seats (+1)

skirt living is a city in the thunder mountain circle in Rhineland-Palatinate. It is seat of the convention community of the same name.

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geographical layer

skirt living lies in the Pfalz on half distance between Kaiserslautern and Bad Kreuznach.


of paleontologists the unusually well received, become fossils of fresh water sharks, long up to three meters, from that red-lying - time (Permian) of skirt living very estimated. One knows such sharks also from home churches.


skirt living received the municipal law to 1332. In the 30-jährigen war was nearly completely destroyed it - like nearly all municipalities of the region -. 1900 became it district capital in the Bavarian Pfalz. The district came up with establishment of the country Rhineland-Palatinate in the district skirt living . 1969 the district combined with the district Kirchheimbolanden to the today's thunder mountain circle

culture and objects of interest

  • thunder-mountain-resounds, contained beside a multipurpose hall also the skittle-alleys, is the cultural and sporty center of skirt living and its environment.


Pfälzi tower clock museum - museum for time

to be shown clocks, in particular grossuhren, demonstration of the mechanics at functional exhibits - Sonnenuhren, Sanduhren and astronomical clocks.

At the lock in skirt living
opening times: Thursday of 15 to 17 o'clock, each first Saturday of 15 to 17 o'clock and according to agreement (closed from Christmas to Easter)
Information: Pfälzi tower clock museum, Tel. 06361/3430
convention community administration skirt living, office for culture, Tel.: Museum
the museum shows 06361/451 231

Pfälzi tower clock museum

[work on] German art 20. Century, painting, diagrams and plastics.

Speyerstrasse 3 in skirt living
opening times: Thursday and each first Saturday in the month from 15 to 17 o'clock, daily guidance information are at any time possible after telephone
registration: Museum Pachen, Tel.: 06361/22136
convention community administration skirt living office for culture, Tel.: 06361/451 231
museum Pachen


in the Kahnweilerhaus is retained to inheritance and memory at Daniel Henry Kahnweiler and shown publicly:

- Honour citizens of the city skirt living,
- world-well-known art dealer and Paris Galerist,
- joint founder and promoter of the Kubismus and modern art at the beginning 20. Century,
- publisher

in the Kahnweilerhaus is a permanent exhibition for living and working the Picasso promoter, the German-language library and two Picasso lithographies Kahnweilers as well as exhibition posters of its gallery Louise Leiris, Paris.


Nordpfälzer local history museum

the 1926 of established museum buildings in skirt living shows the collections 1904 created Nordpfälzer of the historical association to two floors.

The individual departments in the ground floor: Pre and early history, geology and paleontology of the thunder mountain area, mining industry and castles of the Nordpfalz, city and former district skirt living. In the upper floor old skilled trades are presented: Forge, shoemakers, Töpfer, cutters, carpenters, Carpenter and Büchsenmacher. A Nordpfälzer room 19. Century obtain a good view of the life of great-grandparents.

Opening times: Thursday and at the 1. Saturday of the monthly of 15 o'clock to 17 o'clock, with celebrations and according to agreement.
Tourist info.: 06361/451 214 or 06361/3449
Nordpfälzer local history museum

stone museum

of documents of million-old geologic history finds you in the stone museum in Dörrmoschel. Here George Kattler opened a small museum, in which he accommodates a cross section of his treasures: Amethyst glands, sand roses, petrified snails, woods and more. It is each guest with information to the hand and in pleasant kind, so that also the layman comes behind the secret of the colored, sparkling crystals.

Situation: Main street 55 in 67806 Dörrmoschel - Tel.: 06361/22190
opened each first and third Sunday of 10-16 o'clock and according to agreement. The entrance is free.

regular meetings

in September the Nordpfälzer autumn celebration takes place annually since 1951. In the context of the autumn celebration there is the farmer market for some years also Alsenztal.

economics and infrastructure

skirt living 2004 were distinguished by the Rhineland-Palatinian minister of economics Hans Artur Bauckhage with five further municipalities (and than only from the Pfalz) than “middle class-friendly municipality”.


skirt living is over B 48 (being gene - bath Bergzabern), which between being gene and Winnweiler already a realm road (R 40) was, tied up to the supraregional road system.

resident enterprise

of largest employers in the place is the Keiper GmbH & cost. Kg, which metal components and - structures for vehicle seatings manufactures.


accommodates authorities as seat of the convention community skirt living their administration. As former district town of the earlier district skirt living also still individual circle authorities, like for example public health authorities, reside in the city. In addition there is a local work agency.


skirt living has a district court, which to the regional court district Kaiserslautern and to the OLG - district two-bridges belongs.


in former times national Westpfalzklinikum with its location skirt living (one of four locations) was in the meantime denationalized. It receives at present a new psychiatric hospital.

education and youth

in skirt living give it a catholic and an Evangelist kindergarten. In addition there is an welfare-educational kindergarten. In the city exist the Anne franc primary school, the integrated comprehensive school and a six-form high school. The Abitur can be put down on the comprehensive school or in the William hereditary High School into Winnweiler. In addition there is professional training school and a school for learn-obstructed in the place still another. The public public library is to remoteborrows to the South West German library center attached. The house of the youth is operated since 2004 by the association “Christian youth village work Germany”, after the city was Trägerin before.

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