Roger Martin you Gard

Roger Martin you Gard (* 23. March 1881 in the Neuilly sur Seine with Paris; † 22. August 1958 in Bellême, Département Orne) was a French writer. In the year 1937 it was distinguished with the Nobelpreis for literature.

Roger Martin you Gard is author of large time-historical family novels. After his death the author successful during lifetimes came nearly into oblivion. Afterwards its way of writing and its topic selection appeared too conventional. A French television adaptation of its novel cycle Les Thibaults made a small Martin you Gard Renaissance for 2003 possible.

Martin you Gard was friendly with André Gide, which dedicated also its Hauptwerk the Falschmünzer to him.


  • La gonfle (1928)
  • La consultation (1940)
  • Le more cahier gris (1941)
  • Pénithencier (1941)
  • Jean Barois (1946)


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