Roger Vadim

Roger Vadim (d.i. Roger Vladimir Plemmianikov) (* 26. January 1928 in Paris, † 11. February 2000) was a French film director.

He worked first as a journalist, before he appeared in Paris as an actor in theatres. Starting from 1947 it was as film script author and a Regieassistentactively. Roger Vadim worked with many star of the French cinema, and/or. it created also a star. With Brigitte bar DOT, its wife at that time he celebrated large successes with the film “… and always lures the woman” at home and abroad. The erotische radiant emittance of bar DOT ensuredfor the indignation more numerously morally arguing critic. Vadim had also a preference for literary collecting mains, which he successfully filmed. Its films were not only limited to erotische contents and Melodrame. It made also excursions on the area of the horror film and the Science Fiction film. Barbarella could meanwhile because of its zukunftgläubigen, sexual liberties fighting for showingist of the 1960er of reflecting contents of a kind cult status acquire themselves.

Privately it led a life, which pursued the boulevard press attentively. Marriages and affairs with well-known actresses offered for it the necessary cause. It left four children, under it to Vanessa(Daughter of Jane Fonda, which it to 14. August 1965 married), and Christian (son of Catherine Deneuve).



  • 1956 and eternally lures the woman
  • 1960 and before desire to die
  • 1960 dangerous ones dear shanks
  • 1966 the booty
  • 1967 Barbarella
  • 1972Don Juan 73

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