Roger Williamson

Roger Williamson (* 2. February 1948 in Leicester, England; † 29. July 1973 in Zandvoort, the Netherlands) was a British Formel-1 - running drivers.

After 2 years (1971/1972) in the formula 3 Williamson was obligated in the year 1973 by the March team as a work driver and should deny a running in this season for the team some.

Tragically its 3 however already ended. Employment with the Grand Prix of the Netherlands in Zandvoort to 29. July 1973.

After Williamson had not driven in time into the starting list and therefore from the last row to start had, a tire of its vehicle after few rounds, which already, burst itself thereupon estimated and, caught fire.

A special Tragik in this accident resulted from it that the distance posts hardly strove, the gotten jammed driver to save and only the driver colleague David Purley, which had stopped a round later at the accident scene, tried in vain, to release Williamson from the car. This situation caused some spectators to overcome the shut-off positions in order to render help; they were prevented however by police officers from it. Thus Williamson burned with full consciousness and almost intactly with alive body in its car before millions of viewers, who could pursue a running live at the television.


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