Rogier Oosterbaan

Rogier Oosterbaan (* 18. July 1978 in Nimwegen) is a Netherlands ski running runner. He is quadruple Netherlands master in the slalom and Riesenslalom.

Oosterbaan was carried forward for the first time as five-year-old from its father to the ski driving. At the age of seven or eight years he participated for the first time in association championships and regional matches. Only few years later discovered the responsible persons of the Netherlands ski federation its talent and he in training camps and to matches abroad were carried forward. After the conclusion of the school Oosterbaan concentrated fully on ski racing.

With the junior world championship Oosterbaan made 1997 in Schladming for the first time internationally on itself attentive, as it in the slalom 13. became. In the Riesenslalom it occupied rank 39. Completely he could not tie no more to these achievements in the following year, and it became with the junior world championship 1998 in Chamonix in the Riesenslalom 36. In the slalom it already separated in the 1. Passage out.

it took 2001 in pc. Anton for the first time at an alpine ski world championship part and became in the slalom 30. Two years later with the world championship in pc. Moritz improved Oosterbaan around a place and became 29.

Oosterbaan has in the course of its career sieves a FIS running won (conditions: 29. January 2005). Since it took 1998 at 35 Worldcup - running part, could terminate however no with two valid passages. With the alpine ski world championship 2005 in boron millions Oosterbaan was the only starter from the Netherlands and became in the slalom 20.

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